If you would like me to speak at your event, please contact me:  amanda@faithandhome.com
Details can be discussed (eventually, all details will be linked here!)

I believe whole-heartedly in the Gifting of the Lord.  Since a very young age, He has gifted me with writing and a passion to share/teach information and ideas.  Through life’s experiences, and since my entry into the Family of God, this gift has grown even more as a fire inside to speak and share what God has taught me through His Word and the life experiences He has allowed. 

I’m happy to share in any setting including devotions, luncheons, and even full-on retreats.  I also welcome the opportunity to share and/or develop material to teach and/or train groups and individuals for various areas of service and Christian living.
Additionally, I have a 20-year-old daughter who is a talented musician and song writer.  She was mentored to perform as a worship leader and has agreed to accompany me to events in order to provide worship music as needed when she’s available. 

I also have a 16-year-old daughter, Junior in High School, with a passion and gift for Biblical Counseling.  She has spent two summers training and serving with Christian Youth In Action through Child Evangelism Fellowship.  She welcomes opportunities to serve alongside me with a heart to minister to youth, including pastoral children per her experience growing up as a missionary’s/ministry leader’s kid.  She has also agreed to accompany me to events should her giftedness be desired in a given setting when she’s available.

Just some topics I speak on:
     - The Power Of
     - How To
Early Faith Precepts (Believer Basic Training)
Persevering in hard times
Christian Marriage
     - Emphasis on struggling marriages and when one spouse is not a believer
Grace-filled parenting
The Art of Housewifery and Hospitality
Planning/Organizing with God First
Pastoral Care (pastor’s wives and women in ministry)

Bible Study
     - Any book or passage
     - How to Study Your Bible

(I teach from an inductive approach with the Bible itself and a focus on the text to teach Truth)

Ministry Development in a Church or Group:

Developing Women's Ministry
How to Teach/Lead Bible Study
Forming a Missions Outreach Ministry
     (Focus is local/regional, but resources
     are available for long-distance/international)
Starting a food pantry/meal serving ministry

I am also glad to share...

... about our unique calling into ministry and the adventures God led us on in missions work, sacrificial living and going beyond our comfort zone as we traveled around the country with 3 of our children, first in a car and tent and then in an OLD RV, serving churches and communities around our nation!

I am trained and equipped to lead:

Specific Projects In development:

A Life that Lives;
Study in the book of James

With Christian Growth should come blooming
A look at how to beautifully bloom in key areas of life

I Was Sane When I Got Here!
A, at times satirical, look at the chaos of life which can disrupt and uproot peace, with solutions for grace and hope restoring sanity found in Scripture.

What do I do now that I am on the other side?
When crisis and healing mode end, we can sometimes be faced with a “what now” mentality as we learn what our new, non-crisis/healing, normal is.  Learn to pray new prayers and study the Bible with new eyes while identifying areas to serve and move in this new mode.

The Art of Housewifery Series and Titus 2 Initiative (Sessions and/or Training)
– More than JUST a Housewife
Sessions discussing household management, simple recipes, hospitality, simple décor (making a house a home), family care and prioritizing Bible study and prayer in the midst.  These sessions are tailored to specific groups/individuals. 

Currently developing material to train women to BE the Titus 2 Initiative from a mentoring standpoint.  Equipping them to go into their own communities and/or homes and invite women in their sphere of influence to personal discipleship and growth in faith through the art of housewifery.

Getting REAL
Tapping into who God crated us to be – our story – no more comparison or facade

Learning to Love
Looking at the different aspects of love through the scope of scripture and understanding what love really is in order to better apply and live it.

Gardening Our Thoughts to Harvest a Healthy Mind 
A study rooted in Romans 12 and Philippians 4 designed to help plant good seeds and pull all the weeds of thought which get in the way of bumper crops!
“Daily pulling the weeds in the garden of your mind and heart
will yield an abundant and healthy harvest.” – Sandra Stanley

Hope in Hard Times
A scriptural journey to give strength until trail’s end.

Caught Up in Comfortable
Learning to let go and let God guide life out of the armchair and into His arms – walking in His service.  This topic is a call to serve and DO; to see faith as a verb

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