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Does it ever feel like gone are the days of rolling your car into the rugged lot of a tidy little shop and taking a stroll through its isles without wondering if you could 'get it cheaper somewhere else'?  I am guilty, I readily admit.  Yet, for my website I have had one firm and fast rule: I do NOT want visitors to be inundated with flashy adds, pop-ups or target marketing.  Yet, I love sharing and recommending products and many have lectured me on the money dripping down the drain in missed opportunity to affiliate.

Last year I took 'affiliated links' for a trial run and, after almost 10 years on this blog with no issues, I was hacked!  Needless to say, I was reluctant to re-launch.  However, we are giving it another go.  I still don't want flashy ads, pop-ups or the annoying text "affiliated links" appearing in every other article and distracting from the core content... hence this page was born.

I plan to begin building a library of products here and may, later, branch out to a separate site which can function as a "store". I am also working on opening my own Etsy shop to share hand crafted items and printable packets!  For now, please enjoy browsing the virtual "shelves" below, each item is linked to my Associate account and is something I currently use or would highly recommend.  I will open up reader comments on this page, please feel free to leave feed-back and/or questions.


Books Worth the Read

 Craft Supplies I Love
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Household Helps

In The Kitchen 

 Teaching the Kiddos

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