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I LOVE books!  I have only two regrets when it comes to books:
1) I didn't love them more as a kid... school might have gone much better if I had truly understood their value then!
2) I don't have enough time to read more now!

My husband likes audios and videos and looks at books (other than the Bible) more like paperweights then adventures and piles of information!  And that is ok... I guess books aren't for everyone!

But I LOVE them!

The one thing I love just as much as reading books is sharing about them.  A great book should be passed around and talked about like any good and wonderful experience in life. And that is what this page is all about!

I occasionally review books for other people and organizations.  Those reviews along with my own reflections on wonderful literature will be updated here as they occur.

Regrettably, there are occasional dark clouds that roll in.  I often keep negative opinions of books to myself.  After all, everyone's taste is different.  However, if I happen upon a book that preaches false doctrine and lightening is striking and rain is pouring down... I often hear God tell me to share a warning.
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 On occasion I am asked to (or I just decide to!) review things other than books.... such as websites, movies, music, and gadgets.  I may even throw a curriculum review or two in here!  (I love good curriculum just as much as good books!)

Whatever reviews pop up on this page, I hope you find the information useful!

For books and tools I have enjoyed and recommend (but may not have written a review for) you can visit my book store at Amazon


I neglected to keep this page updated after our travels a few years ago.  Many more reviews have been posted since the 2013 one below.  For a more extensive and recent list, follow this link.


Monday, January 28, 2013
Everything Christmas

Everything Christmas compiled by David Bordon and Tim Winters was absolutely a gem.  It isn't just the beautiful cover that catches the eye, it is the well-laid-out format within the covers.


Monday, April 16, 2012
A Radically Revolutionary Book

I welcome any opportunity to read a David Platt book so when Book Sneeze made “Radical Together” available for review, I jumped in to soak up the words.
I was not disappointed.


Saturday, September 27, 2011
TTOT: A Planner Review

Staying organized, I have learned, is crucial to a successful homeschool.  Not that the house can't be a mess and the dishes undone or that your schedule can be off (You have been meaning to do that science project for 2 months now!)...                                


Saturday, September 24, 2011
Blasting Through Math

This past MAY I was invited to review Math Blaster.  I felt it would be a wonderful opportunity to use my (free for review) subscription and help the kids keep up with math facts through the summer without the boring rote-memorizing.                                 



Saturday, June 4, 2011
Max On Life

Max Lucado has been a long-time Christian advice guru.  You can pick up any one of his books and find encouragement, hope, humor, and the experiences of a man who lives well.  This is why, when I had the opportunity to review Max's new book, "Max On Life" I had to say, "Come, talk to me for a moment."...                                


Sunday, March 20, 2011
Deceit Recognized

It has been days since I have had the strength to type on the blog-rolls (aside from my St. Patty's greeting at KOG!)  Such is the way of the enemy when a serious message needs to be delivered.  Spiritual Warfare is hard, but it proves that God is calling us to do something great or important.  As I type this I am listening to Aaron Shust sing "To God Alone".  I am drawing strength from the prayer that preceded this session and as you read on, I pray that the message I have to share today sparks a desire in your heart to dig deep, see truth, and lean on the Lord Jesus for strength and guidance....                                    


Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Moments of Encouragement

It is review time for Gabby Mom's and Eternal Encouragement Magazine!  I almost jumped the gun and posted a week early (I was just too excited!)

This month we are considering Eternal Encouragement Magazine's weekly e-newsletter, "Encouraging Moments".  Here I must confide a secret;  I use to receive this newsletter and, when we moved and dropped our email provider, I forgot to change my email address!  I am soo glad to have this rectified because "Encouraging Moments" is truly a fitting title for what you receive... and I have missed that encouragement in my in-box!


 Friday, January 28, 2011
Truly a Treasure


 Friday, January 19, 2011
Astonishing Truths

I forgot how busy our days can get when we devote ourselves to a full school schedule.  It has been refreshing to be back on course though.

We began Tuesday with our morning math and language arts.  The new novelty is the large park only a few blocks away... recess was an adventure!  ((And I left the camera at home!!!! erg))

Our afternoons are sloooowly settling.  We actually got to some science today and here I must stop and praise God for church friends and the A-Beka curriculum for science.


Monday, October 18, 2010
The Beauty in Black Beauty

I love books.  I didn't love books as a child unless they were short and full of pictures.  I don't know why.  The cruel joke is that now I absolutely LOVE books.  I would read just about any (appropriate) book you put in front of me.  But now I don't have the luxury of time I had as a child!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010
My 12 year old is sick today :-(  Actually this makes two days in a row.  However, she is old enough now to catch herself up on schoolwork and my other two diligent students have plenty they can do to keep  busy and stay current on their studies! 


Saturday, September 18, 2010
Bible Studies With Children

We began a study this past week on Ephesians 4 to coincide with a story we are reading about some of King Solomon's life.  Our self-constructed study is meant to stress the importance of obedience, wisdom, and being a functioning part of the body of Christ.  I honestly feel that we can never start these lessons too early with our children.  All we need to do is approach the lessons from an angle that is age appropriate and speaks to their understanding.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009
Flying the ADHD K.I.T.E

Behavior is a big challenge for parents of children with ADHD. How can we help them or guide them to better choices when they run, mostly, on impulse? I found the perfect solution in a book, The Survival Guide for Kids with ADD or ADHD by John F. Taylor, Ph.D.


Friday, July 17, 2009
This is the tale of a mom, some kids, a book, and a movie

My daughters LOVE the various Barbie movies. We recently watched Barbie's Thumbalina and found ourselves intrigued by a movie called, The Tale of Despereaux. We subscribe to Netflix and decided to reserve this DVD in our queue.



Thursday, April 23, 2009
Great books should be shared
I just wanted to share a book I read this past weekend. Real-Life Homeschooling: The Stories of 21 Families Who Teach Their Children at Home by Rhonda Barfield, published by Fireside. Whenever a book finds a special place in our hearts, we should spread the word!


Monday, April 6, 2009
Legos are Learning that KNEX our Knowledge

Legos for learning? You bet! K’NEX for knowledge? You know it! I have always thought these fun little bricks and sticks had the capacity to be tools of knowledge. I set out in search of facts to support my theory and was not disappointed. A multitude of resources confirm the idea that we can and should use “toys” like Legos and K’NEX to teach and nurture our children’s imaginations and understanding of the world around them.