Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Peace in Uncertainty

Life right now is much like this path above; the end seems far off and uncertain. Some have lost income, others drift from day-to-day hoping and praying their jobs are not next in the long line of shut doors and down-sized staff.

I know, we are in the latter group.  Each day my husband works from home on projects we pray will continue and keep him employed while many of his coworkers collect walking orders. At times the stress can mount. I know to look to God, I remember the countless times he has carried us through even deeper divides. Yet, I believe it is human nature to adopt worry and carry it along. Perhaps this is why the Bible speaks so extensively about not worrying!

Skimming through Instagram this weekend I felt as though the general pulse was beating on one word: uncertainty.

It isn't that we may be laid off... it is IF.
It isn't that the kids are home in otherwise public schooled families... it is IF they are heading back.
It isn't that life is shut down just now... it is IF it will get back to normal anytime soon (and what "normal" will actually be).

It is hard to set schedules and find rhythms when each day feels as though it is a breath caught in your chest which you are afraid to release. At times it immobilizes us, paralyzes us with fear or concern. How do we breathe normal in these times? How do we have peace in the midst of so much uncertainty?

5 Tips for Finding and Maintaining Peace of Mind 
in Uncertain Times

1. Be OK With the Unknown
Yes, not knowing is the biggest part of the battle for many. However, no matter how much we worry or plead, much of life right now is just stuck in that gray area beyond: be OK with that. It seems like an over-simplification, but it truly boils down to just.that. There are things you DO know: walk forward with those.

For us, we have a job today and, likely, for at least the rest of this week. I will opperate with that simple fact. Any small (or big) thing you can find to walk forward in... walk. The rest will work out in it's time and we can't focus on what we can't see, we'll just end up wandering in circles or off a cliff!!

2. Find Routine at the Core
On that note, routine can help in the process.  NOT to worship a routine, however, I know, for myself, without routine or plans inside of even the most basic days, I am more likely to sit and wallow. NO WALLOWING! Like worry, it won't solve anything. No, get up and DO.

Make a list of daily chores, projects or other to-dos and challenge yourself to tackle them. Have a plan for each day and walk it out as best you can, giving yourself grace if you can't get to it all. Plan for an entire week or just a day at a time. Find a routine, whatever the case, and let God guide you in and around it.

3. Menu Plan
This may seem like an odd thing to add into our top 5, however, one thing is always constant: we need to eat! Planning meals not only gives you a point to plan around through the course of each day, it also helps you to be better prepared as meal time approaches. You can just plan dinners out or you may detail Breakfast and Lunch and even snacks as well. This type of planning will also help you to ration your food well and keep you mindful of needed ingredients before they are due.

4. Laugh!
Sometimes I feel as though there is an undercurrent of people right now who feel we must be somber because these are somber times. I say: respect those who are feeling down. The Bible calls us to empathy for those who are struggling. However, tasteful joking, laughing through the tension and pursuing a more light-hearted approach can be the difference between hope and heartache.

To help me walk with a lighter frame of mind I have cut back and rarely watch or read the news anymore. I've done all the research I can do. I know what I know and, honestly, it doesn't matter in changing the course of life right now. So, moving forward, I refocus that energy.  I try to share at least one funny or light-hearted meme each day on Instagram. I let myself laugh when something seems too crazy. I remember how, someday, this will all be a memory and I pray it is one in which I can remember perseverance and hope rather than giving up and brokenness.

(P.S. They say 'laughter is the best medicine'!)

5. In His Presence
This may be last on the list but it is the first and overarching point in the whole of this tally. Get-with-God. A daily Bible study is always one of the best ways to grow and experience the presence of God... and never more-so than now. Study and memorize scripture, pray without ceasing and surround your heart and home with worship music such as can be found on KLove, Air1 or your local Christian station.

Contemplating throughout the day: What does God's Word say about this? What is His Character and how can I draw strength from that? How can I find His mercies or blessings today? can be deeply transformative. Bathing each point in this list (and any additional you may think of) in His Presence will open up His Power to guide you forward in peace... even if you can't see the end of the path right now.


We can't change the way of the world... but we can change the way we let the world impact us.  Jump to task, push forward and, most of all, keep our eyes squrely on Christ as our one sure hope ♥️

I pray you are able to find peace in uncertainty this week and each week ahead.

Blessings to you!

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