Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Summer's Wind-down to What's Ahead

Hey everyone!  My planned July hiatus turned into an all-summer un-plug!  First our trip west to visit my mother-in-law, then a busy July trying to knock out as much of my summer bucket list as I could. Just as I was about ready to sit down, lesson plan and resume blog posts, a pressing medical test required my return to northwest Montana in order to further assist my mother-in-law.  She is doing ok now, though one more test will shed more light on what the next few months hold.  As it stands; planning Brooke's graduation for next May just might also include preparing for a BIG move for my mother-in-law so she can be closer to us for more direct assistance when needed.


So, with the unexpected extra trip, lesson plans which would normally have been completed in July are only just now in their final stages. 1 1/2 classes left to write up and we will be prepared for our last first day of school on September 3rd!  I'm not too worried though, all the other classes came together in about one-a-day... I just need to wrap my brain around how we are going to tackle English and then I will be able to knock that one out in no time!

Did I mention newsletter deadline approaching as well?!  (Are you signed up btw? If not, see how at the bottom of this article.)  I actually had August's almost ready when everything went down so, sadly, the blog wasn't the only platform neglected for the past 2.5 months!  It is coming together though.  Mostly in my brain and perhaps also in 1s-and-0s-land when I am done with this post!!!

More than just traveling and bucket lists and lesson planning, this summer has also opened doors of QUIET to really hear the Lord on certain issues.  As a result, elements of the newsletter, and this blog, will be going through a transformational stage.

Years ago I was reading an article written to encourage housewives and stay-at-homes... the author shared how we should look at our 'job' as we would any other.... what we lack in confidence, knowledge and understanding, we ought to gain through study and seeking peer leadership.  We should look at our various roles in the home and consider opportunities to further educate ourselves on how to fulfill each role in their ever-transforming ways.  This advice has never left me.

On the in-betweens this summer I read about discipleship as well as about the blessed role of housewife.  I soaked up an inspirational fiction series which covered the scope of a life.  I also dug into the Word and prayer to seek Peace and Guidance.  I've stood in awe inspiring places and soaked up silence... I've bowed my head in noisy places where the bustle of brokenness was nearly deafening... and in it all, these short 2.5 months, I have seen areas in my life and heart which needed some shoring up.  Places where I knew I could and should be doing more as a Voice.

I've struggled and triumphed.
I've cried and laughed.
And as I sit here today tapping away at these keys I can't say that I have all the answers still, but I can say I have a lot to say.

In the weeks and months ahead I know I will continue to wrestle with the overwhelming concepts God has been unfolding, yet, one thing has been made clear to me: I need to write and share in the process.

Expect articles of raw brokenness.
Expect ideas for success in light of many failures.
Expect passion on issues of some debate.

Expect, too, more inside glimpses to this mysterious life of a stay-at-home and the all-so important tedious jobs we perform.
Expect reflection and projection as a teacher preparing to graduate her last.
Expect revelation as new seasons of life open.

Expect hope.

Biblically, if I were to sum up, in one verse, what God has been showing me, it would have to be:

Do not be conformed to this world...
Romans 12:2a

As a writer, a housewife, a mother, a daughter of aging parents, a middle-aged woman (yes, I said it!), but most importantly, as a Titus 2 servant of my King, I must constantly be mindful not just of the world around me but also of my role (every Christian's role) to be a light in the darkness which threatens us at every turn in today's culture.

I hope and pray you will join me in the light, sharing hard truths, exploring important places in heart and home, and growing together as sword sharpens sword.

I'm excited for all that lies ahead.  Please forgive me as I get the hang of new content amidst a new school year schedule starting up!  A rhythm will be re-established soon!

Some parting shots from the last few months...
FINALLY made it out to see Shakespeare in the Park!
Cotton candy sky right after a storm.
Re-vamping menu plans
Went to a painting class with Brooke, Brenden and my mother-in-law during our visit.

SENIOR pictures by the lake Brooke grew up on!!!!  What do you think? 1st or 2nd?
Breathtaking views on our trip back through the Rockies
Another play, this one indoors, to see one of Brooke's friends perform.
This may not look like much but visit my Instagram stories to see my big Bucket-list check: Attic clean-out! Complete with CRAZY before and after pictures and tips for the process.
This simple tip is mentioned in my Instagram stories on the attic clean-out process

New cookbook I found at the Farmer's Market along with some Zucchini which baked up into these delicious and healthy muffins!
Chores, more chores, and a needy cat during break time!
Fair time
Major storm with hail wreaked havoc on our trees and destroyed most of my garden, BUT the good Lord protected our home in the process and no major property damage occurred!!  Have had to spend a lot of extra time on clean-up though.
How was your summer?  I pray you had moments to better connect with family, friends and, most importantly, with the Good Lord who sustains it all.


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