Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Go Ahead, Disciple Her

I've been taking some time off from the blog through June and July to just unplug (if you don't count an abundance of Instagram posting!), craft, garden, clean, travel and, best of all, READ!  On that note, I had to take a break from my break to share this amazing book with all of you....

Disciple Her: Using the Word, Work, & Wonder of God to Invest in Women by Kandi Gallaty kept me turning pages.  I am pretty particular about "advice" on discipleship because there seems to be so many misunderstandings and down-right unGodly discipleship practices out there.  In all honesty, I initially dove in as a skeptic!  But I came out SOLD on her message and method.

I began to suspect I was in for something a bit different as I browsed the table of contents where a synopsis of each chapter was included with the chapter headings and page numbers!  Kandi doesn't try to drive her readers with suspense or mystery, no, she dives in, gets to the point and maintains interest and attention simply by filling you with Truth and easy to understand perspective and advice you plow through to soak up more and more of!

Moving on, the first few chapters lay ground-work for defining Biblical discipleship and the importance of each key element of a Christian life: Bible Study, Prayer and Fellowship.  She shares a GREAT Bible read-thru plan and her method of study.  Yet, as she shares these details she also encourages women to not feel obligated to her style, but rather, she implores exploration into other methods which may work best as a given situation requires.

The remainder of the book unpacks the model of discipleship via D-Group settings.  She thinks of EVERYTHING and while she shares examples from her own D-Group meetings, she iterates the importance of making discipleship your own.  The pages in these sections will discuss everything from rogue attendees to inspiration for a typical meeting layout to discerning spiritual maturity to handling deliberate sinful behavior.  No stone is un-turned as she imparts years of wisdom and experience!

My favorite part of this book is Kandi's passion!  I know that isn't a "part" but it permeates every page.  Years ago, when God called me to learn and teach the Bible, I was driven by the idea that every woman should be able to pick up their Bible, open it, and read it meaningfully.  Not that pre-packaged Bible studies are bad... but that I knew we were Called to not use them as a crutch.  Kandi not only breathes mounds of grace and compassion into the overall idea of discipleship but she also animately encourages and equips the reader (like the women in her D-groups) to study the Bible in a more impactful way for themselves... and to invite other women in to join the journey.

This book has easily shot to the top of my list for Book recommendations every woman should read!!  If you aren't sure if YOU are ready to disciple others.... read Disciple Her and you will see how applicable and attainable a process it is.  Before you know it, you will find yourself praying over who God would desire you to begin discipling!!  If you are like me and already actively discipling others, you will find this book to be an encouragement as Kandi equips you with additional tools for your discipleship tool box!

What great books are YOU reading this summer?


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Lifeway in exchange for my review. This review is my opinion alone.

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