Monday, June 3, 2019

Summer Reading part 1: an Audio Book Review

They call me "Uber Mom" lately.  I was relieved when my husband's car was recently repaired relieving me of one body (and the longest drive of all each day) I no longer needed to taxi. However, I am still chauffeuring 3 other bodies to-and-fro, mainly for work.  I feel like I spend a chunk of my day in the car, half of it alone, all of it in dodging "city" traffic.  As a result, I had begun considering making good use of all that car time by ordering up some audio books.  I trusted it would help me be more patient AND I could broaden my mind as the car wheels turned!

This is why, when Lifeway contacted me to review the Audio Book, Not Forsaken by Louie Giglio, I quickly jumped on it!
Do you or someone you know struggle with understanding what it means that God is our "Father"?  Has poor experience left you with a less-than stellar impression of what a Father is?  Perhaps you have a spectacular dad and thinking of God as Father comes easy for you as the result of such a wonderful example.  Whatever your persuasion is on the topic, Not Forsaken: Finding Freedom as Sons & Daughters of a Perfect Father will speak to your heart.

Pastor Giglio voices this easy-to-listen audio book.  He begins with imagery which sets the stage for much of his discussions.  Written so that people at various spiritual levels can relate, he also breaks down the different 'types' of perceptions we can have of God.  He goes on to share 6 Father figure traits, good and bad, and works hard to dispel the less-than Godly projections we may have toward our Heavenly Father.

My favorite chapter was Chapter 6 where he discussed forgiveness and it's purpose at length.  I've been wronged more often than I can count in my life, even by my dad, and walking out forgiveness is something I am always grateful to be reminded of.

Whether you grab a printed copy or download the audio, this book can be a great addition to summer reading, especially and aptly as Father's Day approaches!


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Lifeway in exchange for my review. This review is my opinion alone.

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