Saturday, April 13, 2019

HMJ: Impromptu Changes

I want to thank those who popped over to encourage me last week as I fumbled with plugging ahead on these regular "Journal" entries.  I will try to check in as often as I can just for you!! 

We have been reviewing our budget lately and, upon talking things over with Brooke, we have decided to plan on only one or two classes  at the local Christian college this next school year.  Currently she is hoping to pursue a full degree there when she graduates. In the mean time, even at the discounted rate she can enjoy as a high schooler, a full-slate of classes is quite spendy.  Also, this coming fall, they are only offering two of the classes she needs to complete her high school graduation requirements (it's a very small college).  Not sure if they will add the others in the spring, however, to be on the safe side we have decided to switch gears.  Surprisingly, Brooke was actually excited!  The plan....

College campus:
College Writing

Home Campus 😃:
Music Appreciation

I need to double-check if this list will cover all the requirements remaining.  Only History/Gov is a full year class, the rest are one semester.  She has decided NOT to take French senior year and, naturally, would prefer Speech on campus with peers.  After doing Speech with her brother and sister just at home, I agree with Brooke... more people would make the class more fun!  Also, if we can keep going with a minimum of 2 classes on campus for spring, we will look at College Writing II and Psychology as these will be good basics to have out of the way as she launches full time in fall 2020 when she will qualify for the FAFSA.  (She is looking at studying Biblical Counseling)

This week we unexpectedly declared "NO SCHOOL" in sight of our gas-line problems.  If you haven't caught some of our Instagram feed and other articles on the site here, we were without gas for 8 days while a leak was repaired.  Each day was wait-and-see mode hoping THAT would be the day the job was done... very difficult to get any schoolwork done with the buzz.  Brooke proposed the week off, which I was reluctant to oblige since it would put us behind in finishing some subjects before our designated "last day of school" at the end of May (can you believe that's NEXT month already???) BUT, she also proposed we forgo our 4-day school weeks and add the missing days back in with 5-day school weeks between now and the end of the school year!


So, wow.  Plugging ahead, 7 more weeks (minus a possible pre-planned week where we will be gone at the beginning of May).  THEN... senior year.  Wow.  I'm actually relieved we can't afford the full slate at the college this coming fall.  Is that bad?  I'm looking forward to one more year to wrap-up and find closure with the exit of this 25+ year stage of my life!  I feel hopeful for what lies ahead.
As for the rest of miscellany tidbits from the past week...
Brooke logged a bunch of drive time last week as we explored the outskirts of our county for "406" day.  It's a Montana thing!  One of only a few states with a singular area code, 406.  Many locals geek out in celebrating April 6th (4-06) as "Montana" day and we joined in the fun!!  Her driving has improved sooooo much.  I'm actually planning a blog post for later this month with some tips on teaching teens to drive if you don't want to/or can't afford to put them in Driver's Ed.

Went to see a play with her sister and a friend at a local college in it's 80+ year old playhouse!  The production was an ancient Greek themed play and these were all the pictures I took because, well, it was an experience only needed ONCE.  The actors worked hard but the content... well... like I said, an "experience"!

I'm going to miss our coffee shop hangouts when her life post-grad takes her away.  For now, I enjoy every single minute even when I am on here writing and she is in a cozy chair across from me drawing or doing some other crafty thoughtful thing!  These have become our Tuesday night norms while her older siblings are at an adult church group hang-out!

How has your school week been?


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  1. Sorry about the gasline problems but it sounds like the solution of taking the time off school worked out well. And her plan for next year looks great as well! I've never heard of 406 day - how fun. :-) My daughter did her last session with the driving instructor yesterday so we will be scheduling her road test very soon.

    1. Thank you! I had never heard of 406 day until a few years ago either!! I bet your daughter will do GREAT on her test, so exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time!!