Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Gettin' Crafty with Easter Wreaths

Winter has been long and cold this year, rendering my "she-shed" virtually unusable without layers of gear (not really conducive to the craft savvy!).  Then, finally, spring broke through this past week!  Our little radiator could do its job well while curtains were flung open to let the sunlight flood in and I dusted off those craft supplies for 2 special seasonal projects!  One project I will be sharing today... the other... next week (so stay tuned!)

This project began with a hoop, some dollar store foliage and sign, ribbon, and a spark of inspiration from my youngest who is an avid Pinterest browser. 

The hoop was my grandmother's.  I think it was for quilts... or embroidery, whatever the case may be, it was a large oval and I saw: 'Easter egg wreath'!!  My daughter saw "basket"! 

I began by separating the two hoops, removing the extra screws and cleaning them up.  I also roughed them up a bit with some sandpaper.

Then I used a paper towel to rub on some white acrylic crafter's paint in a distressed sort of look. The acrylic dries very fast so you don't have to wait to do this project in stages.  If you start with the inner hoop, it will be dry and ready to handle by the time you are done with the outer hoop..... and the outer hoop will be dry and ready to handle by the time you are done embellishing the inner hoop!!  The only exception would be if your wreath is going to be hanging out in the elements, then I recommend a good spray-on sealer at this stage.  You will want to let that dry as-per the can's instructions.

To make the "basket bottom" appearance I used some really great Crafter's tape (you could also use hot glue) and began criss-crossing ribbon in the lower half of the inside hoop. 

I would then cut and secure at each crossing...simply wrapping would create bunching at each side as you switch directions.  You can see it only took a few swipes in each direction to give it that "basket" look.  Once my "basket" was done, I re-attached the outer hoop and tightened the ring.

I chose white paint and ribbon for my "basket" so it would stand out against my blue door.  However, any color you prefer could work well for this project.  The ribbon I used was a 3/4" ribbed white Grosgrain.... however, any ribbon of choice would work well.  Depending on the size of your hoop, I do recommend a size in the 3/4" range though. 

One side of my hoop had extra weight due to the tension block.  To counter-balance this, I attached the sign slightly off to the opposite side.  I did re-open the hoop briefly to slide the sign's hanging ribbon through and then re-tightened.  The hanging ribbon had a knot in the end which allowed it to anchor securely in place without sliding back through.  If unsure, however, you could put a bit of glue on the spot to hold it.  I did add some hot glue to the back of the top right corner of the picture in order to secure it at the desired angle.

Next, I clipped my flower bunches to within an inch of the base, leaving them as a bunch.  I bent the bloom heads to face out instead of up.  I placed the bunches loosely climbing up the side of my "basket" form and, once I was happy with their placement, I hot-glued them in place.  I added an additional bunch to the opposing corner as well to give it some aesthetic balance.

Bows and other trinkets could be added, however, the look I hoped for seemed well achieved at this point.  All-in-all I believe it took under 1 hour to complete, start-to-finish.  I was filming the process for Instagram (which is in my saved stories) so it took a bit longer than if I had just set into it.

Have you made any Easter-ish or spring wreaths to welcome visitors to your home?


Next week I plan to share my other Saturday project:
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