Saturday, April 13, 2019

Five Minute Friday: Lack

It has been a challenging week.  We spent a total of almost 8 days without hot water or heat due to a gas leak requiring our pipes to be shut off and re-ran.  Apparently 1940 pipes and fittings don't hold true to code in 2019... hmmm. (yes, that is sarcasm... and the price you pay when you buy a very dated house!).

The blessing in the midst of the storm was the gas line insurance the good Lord laid on my heart to purchase 2 years ago.  Something in my spirit pressed me then saying this would be a good and profitable idea.

Yet, even with the peace... and extra space heaters during a subsequent cold snap... nerves ran raw what with missing hot showers and the ease of washing dishes and clothes without boiling water.  Everything coming to a head Thursday morning when we learned, after hand-washed wet clothes sat in the dryer all night, that our dryer had gone out now too.

Hubby blew a fuse.

It was a difficult day, emotions for everyone were high with the pitfalls of life lately.  Yet, at my core I could hear a whisper:  peace

I knew, somehow, when irrationality wanted to take over, that I needed to keep my eyes on Jesus.  I needed to endeavor to be solutions-based, not self-destruction trapped.  So I laced up, lifted a prayer, and set to making it all work as well as I was able. 

As I mustered, hubby called: I'm sorry was spoken from his heart. 
As I kept walking, the gas company showed up on the heals of line repair: I'm here to light the pilot and heat began to issue from vents and faucets again.

I'm reminded how those who wait on the Lord lack nothing.  Not peace, not hope, not possibility... all are given in full.  It felt spiritually gratifying to come to the other side of these 8 days and say: my hope was in the Lord and so I know I will not lack.

...those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.
- Psalm 34:10b 


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  1. Girl that is a walk and a half. I didn't have to go as long as you but I recall having to boil water for bathing and all the rest. It is tough. Praise God for being in charge and for turning our hearts to the important things. Praise God too for letting you feel that need for insurance on your gas line. I enjoyed your post. Have a beautiful day.
    Visiting from FMF.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement :-) Due to sewer problems, we have had to get creative with water use many times since buying this house. Our time spent in full-time missions with no running (hot or cold) water (or heat/cool controls) has made us more resilient and I am eternally grateful to God for the experience!!