Friday, March 29, 2019

Five MInute Friday: Measure

I just had a birthday.  More than a few decades have now been measured in my life.  I look down the scope... and up the hill... and I know it is but a blink.  So much has been learned and, as wise as I may feel at this stage, so much remains to be learned.

I try to express this to my grown "kids", but it doesn't sink in.  I must admit grace because, at their age, I didn't appreciate the years of experience and LIFE which feed wisdom and understanding.  My eyes beam with greater respect now, though, as I look to my aging parents.  How did they become so wise all of a sudden?  Even amidst their many, even self-admitted, mistakes?  Perhaps my own mistakes help me to see past the mire and into the heart.

With age really comes wisdom.

Even if it is just that simple one-foot-in-front-of-the-other, traveling the path before us, life and living.  The grand measure of EXPERIENCE which can only come with time measured in heaps and mounds.

Yet grace.

This measuring of time is such a process, it helps to remember how some experiences come faster and harder than others... some people will sage as youngers rather than olders.  The variables of life drip in more-or-less depending on each individually as means and measures and God's good Hand pours out.

I am grateful for the measure He has poured me.  I pray to be humbly mindful as I step forward to decades more.


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  1. Happy belated birthday, Amanda! What a beautiful reflection, may God bless you with many more decades.