Friday, February 22, 2019

Five Minute Friday: Just

If I could just.

Just get past this suffocating battle of warfare... this onslaught of "you can't" and "you aren't good enough".

Why does this rhetoric pour in every time a body pushes out for the cause of Christ... for any cause which stands to open the stage to His light?

The enemy fights.  He fights dirty.


We must stand.  Stand firm.  Stand on the Word.

I can just.

Just resist... and he will flee.
Just stand... and trust God to fight for me.
Just hope... and believe deliverance is on its way.
Just MOVE... and don't be detoured.


Because, just Jesus. 

He is all that matters when the battle wages. 
Just Jesus.  He is the name above all names. 
He is who the fight is for, yet He is who will win the war. 

Just breathe.
Just move.
Just be.
Just trust.
Just know.

Just Jesus.

The enemy may knock me over for the moment, but I will get back up and just keep fighting.

The power of JUST.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love the photo you picked to go with this topic. I did martial arts for 3.5 years and saw so many parallels to spiritual battle. "Because, just Jesus." Yes! Thanks for the encouragement today.

    1. Thank You! As I wrote this I saw "fight" and, as a woman, I wanted a woman in that roll in whatever picture I found. My hope was to inspire other women to fight the enemy as well, knowing "Just Jesus" is all they need in the battle by their side. I've been in a spiritual battle lately and this message was an out-pour of what God has been putting on my heart for strength and endurance. I'm blessed to know it could encourage you today as well.

  2. "Because, just Jesus." Those three words are very powerful. Thank you for sharing this!

    {visiting from FMF!}

    1. I am blessed these words could inspire you today! Thanks for visiting :-)