Saturday, January 26, 2019

Five Minute Friday: Convenient

Convenient... something this week contained very little of.  It wasn't convenient to notice the bubbling paint in my kitchen and wonder at the cause.  Nor was it convenient when hubby cut a hole in the adjacent living room wall in preparation for mounting speakers only to find it was soaked nearly through from a mystery leak.  Convenient is NOT what prospective repairs conjure.

It is easy to become overwhelmed in these moments... to place blame, find worry and churn.  We could be irritable or snippy at this wonderful lack of convenience... but then I remember: often times anger and irritability are the result of self-focused motives.  We consider how a situation is inconveniencing our groove but we don't stop to see how God is a God over it all.

How I handle a situation could be the very difference between an opportunity to reflect Christ and a moment of missed possibility.

In truth, it is more convenient to step back and simply Trust.  To believe God's good plans and timing and, even when walls are crying for cracks in the roof, hearts can be believing these moments have their point and purpose!


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