Monday, January 14, 2019

A Day In The Life Of...

Hello World!  It feels like ages, even though it has only been a month.  The newsletter headed off without a hitch at the end of December (are you subscribed? If not, scroll down to bottom for details) but otherwise, my head has been filled with Christmas, visitors, New Years, Goal Setting, Sweet 16, getting back to school routines in motion (with a re-write on some of our curriculum), new ministry work, and ambitions for articles... among a plethora of other mundane details!  Scanning the blog-sphere, I learned I wasn't alone.  

Even closer to HOME today, hit the ball of the hard work of a housewife.  Studying Consumer Math with Brooke this morning, we were wrapping up our latest unit with a study on burning calories. Feast your eyes:
That's right, the only job/activity which ranks higher than a housewife for calorie adjustment is a CONSTRUCTION WORKER!!  Although, I wonder if that percentage changes (higher) when a woman is pregnant (with youngers under foot)!

What I do know is, a day in the life of a hard working housewife isn't anything to sneeze at.  Even if/when some of it is sedentary, the brain is ALWAYS on... {did I remember to start the dishwasher, I've still got to fold that load of towels... oh, and put them away, is Suzie getting enough sleep, where did Fred put the keys, what time should I start dinner, how should I coordinate carpool, it's time to pay the electric, (and if you homeschool...) how can I get Sally to study her spelling words without complaining, I just can't figure out how to teach this math assignment, I need to catch-up my record keeping....}

I think you get the idea.

I'm not saying a wife is better than a husband or a stay-at-home is better than a working-outside-the-house woman... what I AM saying is that your job IS important, valuable, viable and worthwhile.  The errands run, the housework completed, the meals cooked, the tears dried and so on... each and every task draws from our energy.  Each and every one is worth every ounce of exertion.

As many of my regular readers know, I have a personal mission to dispell the "Just a Housewife" myth.... to revive a realized value of stay-at-homes who have found themselves in a society unappreciative of their valuable contributions.  Some women have chosen outside work... some have chosen inside.  ALL have value.

If little ole me with just a 16 year old and all adult children can get lost in the din and to-do, why not everyone else.  Sure, some of us juggle better (or worse) than others... but we all juggle.  In the day of the life of, we push through.  But, Ms. Housewife, may I suggest one little thing?  NEVER think you do to little when you do all you can for those you love.  NEVER get lost in the rat-race feeling like you have to prove to the world you're 70% has been earned.  When in doubt, think on this:
God sees me.
Have I sought Him today?
Have I sought to honor Him today?
When I fell short, did I surrender it to Him today?
When I fell short, did I consider a way God calls me to rise up next time?
Did I forgive myself, as God forgives me, when I needed it?
Did I surrender ALL to Him today?
This isn't a perfect recipe, but sweet Ms. Housewife, it is the ONLY standard you need to consider each and every day.  HIS approval is all we seek, not that of a disapproving wandering world.  It is HIS assurance we count on, not the fads of a wayward age.  And when we don't hit the mark on any given day in our life, it is HIS forgiveness and restoration we can seek in order to get up and try again the next.  

You won't get it right every day.  
You will get it right as often as you can.
You won't exert 70% every day (some more, some less)
But, if each day you exert 100% of hope and faith and trust in God, you will honor Him in all you DO get done on any given day in the the life of...
It's still the beginning of a whole new year, my sweet friends.  A call to arms to re-focus on Truth and push forward into the place God has called you to without distraction from the fog of war outside.  

Take courage in your identity as God's and, with eyes on Him, commit your Work to Him, lock out the din of worldly condescension, love on your spouse, care for those who God gives you to care for, be a Keeper at Home and treasure each moment, small and large, 0-100%, because it is all part of the marvelous tapestry of each day in the life of...YOU♥️

Commit your work to the Lord,
    and your plans will be established.
The Lord has made everything for its purpose...
- Proverbs 16:3-4a 

(...and He has made YOU for this purpose)


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