Friday, December 14, 2018

Five Minute Friday: Still

Sometimes, in the buzz of life, still is what reconnects us to the most important things.
Often, in the hurt of life, still is what brings healing.
Always, in the quiet of life, still is where we find rest.

Our family has been going through a difficult time.  Re-phrase: my daughters and I have been going through a difficult time.  Not with each other, rather, with outside forces in LIFE.  Relationships, failed hopes, unknowns... Yet, as we walk through these struggles together, arms linked, we are united in the Spirit by a simple idea: stillness.

The stillness is where we pray, where we draw strength, where we find peace.  It is where we recharge on Truth and wait for marching orders.   

Still is a gentle language God often speaks.  We have been learning to follow His lead and use stillness as a source of response.  After all, it is often when we are burning to say the most that we need to cool and say the least, for, it can be when people are hurtful or challenging that our stillness in response is where we find the best counter to any argument.  Pointing to Jesus, letting our silence and gentleness speak of hope and peace, still begs us listen.  If God speaks still how much more might others 'hear' Him if we learn to speak it as well.

In still we are getting through this current battle.  We are remembering how, even in the unknown, God is known and He holds it all.  After all, it was in the still of a crisp dark night that hope entered this world and the Light came to all mankind.  It was in still that Jesus found victory when He gave up His life for ours.

I pray, wherever you are today, that you find still moments to hear the beat of God's heart and trust His powerful process and work.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your take on still. It is a much better written thought than mine, but I still posted it. FMF #58 this week.

    1. Thank you! To be honest, I almost didn't post it!!! I wrote it on Friday and then walked away from it until the following Wednesday and felt it should still go up. It is tough writing with no filter in a limited time, but it is a good challenge. I will pop over and check yours out! Thanks for stopping by :-)