Thursday, October 11, 2018

Curriculum Book Review of Mighty Reader Workbook

I love curriculum... I am a recovering curriculum addict!  When my kids were elementary age I would scoop up every single freebie I could get my hands on.  I had it all sorted by subject and then sub-sorted by grade and topic!  It is funny, of all the things I gave up when we went into missions and now that we have settled back down, my curriculum compilation is what I really miss!  I do gain comfort knowing it went to a dear homeschool friend who used it well!

So, while I am down to ONE homeschooling kiddo (and she is a High School Junior this year), my old curriculum habits and love for learning and teaching prompted me to welcome an opportunity for reviewing the Mighty Reader Workbook for  1st Graders by veteran teacher Heidi Cooley.

Flipping through this beautifully made sturdy workbook I found myself wishing I had a 1st grader to walk through it with!  The book is intended for public schoolers to use as extension read-at-home with a parent work to improve reading fluency.  However, I feel it could be a valuable asset to any homeschool curriculum as well. 

There are 13 lessons which cover 13 weeks of reading activity.  Each lesson is based on a story from the Bible and could easily double as family devotion time.

The author has provided thorough and clear directions for working with your young readers as well as a lay-out of how to conduct the daily lessons within each week.

 With Ms. Cooley's process, parents and children work together to complete reading goals progressively moving from tandem reading to solo reading by the end of each lesson week.

Activities for reading comprehension are also included for each day.  These vary by week and always seem fun, asking the child to circle and color words as well as draw pictures to reflect how they have comprehended the story.

I love this workbook so much I was tempted to keep it for my some-day grandchildren... however, I have NO idea when that will be since we haven't had any wedding bells for any of my adult children yet!  SO, I have decided to share this wonderful resource with one of my readers!  That's right, YOU get an opportunity to enjoy this lovely workbook with your 1st grader for FREE!  How?  Well, I have a few ways....
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I received Mighty Reader Workbook at no charge from B&H/Lifeway blogging network in exchange for my honest review.

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