Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sabbaticals, Reflections, Open Doors

I know, it has been a while.  It is a long story, full of adventure and heartbreak and revelation.  Eventually I will share it all.

Earlier today I posted a book review.  If you scroll down my page you will notice I am signed up with Tyndale to do reviews.  The book which arrived at the beginning of the month had been ordered a while ago, before it was even released, and, honestly, I totally forgot about it!!  None-the-less, it came, I read, and I gladly fulfilled my end of the deal which involves a blog post and two online store reviews.

Funny thing, how books can open doors.  This one by it's real conversational content and grace-filled perspective on sharing faith with others.  But also, as I have prayed over when God would have me return to the blog, I felt this book opened a door to begin the conversation about why I have been gone and when I am coming 'back'.

I have been on sabbatical.

All part of that long story, full of adventure and heartbreak and revelation.  As I started down the rocky path last spring which ultimately led to a full shut-down by end of summer... I knew I needed time for quiet and prayer and searching.

I don't know if this book was God's way of saying "It is time"... time to get back to the blog and life as a writer.  But I do know it was time to touch base with YOU, my dear reader, and let you know I am constantly thinking of you, praying for you and praying for when I can return to share heart renderings and hear heart renderings.

I'm still here.  Quietly listening.  Please feel free to contact me any time.  I will be back.... soon I hope and when I still pray.


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