Saturday, August 12, 2017

Creative Inspirations {Link-up Party} #1

Did you catch last week's article about this new great thread here on Faith and Home?  I shared about it in my monthly newsletter as well (if you aren't signed up yet, see info at bottom of this post).  Despite my crazy busy week and completely skipping on my other regular threads because I was painting decks (to fulfill insurance claims after hail damage) and re-arranging work spaces, and prepping back-to-school.... I did promise to get this thread LIVE and so here I am!

Because of the whole deck painting, space arranging, and school prepping, I don't have MY creative outlet examples pictured to post.  I know, I'm setting a bad example, and I am sorry for that!  I did take a video of our new studio, but sadly, I think my camera dumped it - or there was user error involved - but I like the camera dumping excuse better!  You can follow me on Pinterest to see the pictures I did manage to upload there!

I do have this for you:

It's a website (click on image to be whisked away!)  I think I found Jennie at Litter Girl Designs through Pinterest.  I was attracted to her doodle style drawings and her inspiring articles on journaling and, most particularly, art.  The article above inspired me to start an art journal and to be more artistic with my daily journal as well.  There are other great resources on her website for both the budding and experienced creative pursuits of anyone out there.

I also have this one which I am going to start linking up with weekly (especially as I start sharing my own creative pursuits)

There are some AMAZING blogs linked up here with some delicious and crafty ideas.  I'm looking forward to jumping around a few (or more) posts this week.  Especially the one about Homemade Cheese-its since my kids are fiends about this snack!!

This week's creative inspiration:
Just do it!  That's right... don't try to justify or quantify creativity... just do it.  Even if you feel like you aren't good at it!  Want to sew?  Sew.  Can't make a straight stitch?  Practice.  Want to paint?  Don't know how?  Pinterest and You Tube are great free resources for a multitude of hobbies and crafts.  Afraid it isn't the 'grown up' thing to do, a waste of time, to set time aside for random acts of crafty pursuits?  If you take time to watch t.v., surf Facebook, read this blog, or try the latest exercise fad... why can't you take time to be creative?  IT's OK!  I say: give yourself permission.  Who knows where the path will lead you.  Maybe it will always just be a quiet little hobby.... maybe you will become the next Joanna Gaines!!  Maybe your creative pursuit will lead to relationship building and Christ sharing and Kingdom growing.... but you don't know until you!

If you would like to jump in on the creative inspirations I shared in July's newsletter as well as in last week's article, you can still print the PDF below (click on image). This print out highlights each week's (done whatever week you want to) theme.  There is also a page 2 with more in-depth instructions, hashtag keywords and Facebook reference-ology.

Remember, you can share any creative pursuit... photography, painting, drawing, sewing, gardening, building, etc. etc. etc....!  The print out above even gives ideas on how to share your faith through your creativity.

I hope you'll join me in linking up below and I pray you experience the presence of God and share his Glory through your creative pursuits this coming week! .... and BE CREATIVE because He is Creative♥


I will share a Creativity challenge print-out on the first Saturday of each month.  Do you NOT want to have to wait until the first Saturday of the month to see the new challenges?  You can get the latest monthly challenge before the new month starts by signing up for my monthly newsletter.  The newsletter issues on the last Thursday of each month and, among other great content, the latest installment for the coming month's Creative Challenge will be available for early download through the newsletter.  Hop over to the right side bar to sign up!  (it looks like image below)

And now for our link-up party!

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