Thursday, February 23, 2017

What if?

What if.

What if, for just a moment, we believed.

What if, for just a moment, we were children again, spinning in circles, watching the sky dance above, giggling and carefree.

What if, for just a moment, we remembered when life was simple, right was right, wrong was wrong, gold stars were special, and hope could really, really win.

What if.

Life seems so heavy anymore. 

It isn't just a "grown-up" thing... a life-is-here now face it kind of thing.  It is a fact.

A mere twenty years ago, a blink, a forever, a lifetime, a moment... twenty years, I was a young mama with little darlings gathering around.  I walked with confidence and joy and excitement at allll the future held for them and me and us and we. 

We didn't look over our shoulder then.  We didn't worry about wrong teaching or who was safe to play with who.  Everyone was friends.  Life was simple.

What if.

What if it was simple again?  I know it can't be.  I know time has changed and people have changed, policies have changed, schools have changed, government has changed. 

I know this well.

I know because almost 10 years ago these changing times halted my degree, halted my hope, halted my ambition when I learned, as a mama of 4, returning to higher education so I could teacher lower education, I learned the hard truth:  if you won't play the game, you have to sit down... you get put back into the box... you get thrown out.

But what if.

What if I quit sitting?  What if I started to stand and blaze a trail?  What if I remembered when life was simple and glue and paper and love and fun was all a child needed and all that was needed to give?

What if.

What if I burst out of that box and grabbed a hold of Titus 2 and really really lived it, teaching what is good, and training the young women to love their husbands and children.  

What if I revived the old ways, the simple ways, the ways which grew tender hearts, simple hopes and technicolor dreams?

If I don't, will anyone?  Does anyone else remember those days?  Those once upon a time, hi-didly-o, climbing over the mountains to see what we could see and off we would go?

I do.

What if.

What if I dared to dream again and share that dream again.... to hope again, and share that hope again.

What if.

What if dreaming and hoping and believing sparked others to dream and hope and believe again?

What if?


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