Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Joshua and a Willingness to Serve

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to post our monthly word from Nathan Keeney (bio below) last month.  Graduation sort of took over our lives for a few weeks (you can see Nathan in some of the pictures I shared with my Graduation post!)!  I will catch you up on his word from June later, but for now, it is July!!!  (wow)  And time again for his monthly post...

Willingness to Serve

You have a servant's heart.

Now go stack chairs.

Sometimes being willing to serve God is as simple as cleaning up after a small gathering or as big as going or doing something that you might not want to do.  We are suppose to serve God no matter what.

Joshua served God very well.  He followed what God told him to do.  Not only Joshua but his family as well.  So even if God calls us to something difficult and we find it hard to serve Him, we can stand firm in remembering He will bless us with His presence and His strength to follow through on His call.

Maybe God wants us to work in a soup kitchen or volunteer at church for something.  Maybe it's opening up your home to people who need a place to stay or it could be just listening to someone going through a hard time.

So, are you willing to serve?


Nathan Keeney is a homeschool graduate living in eastern Montana.  With a heart to serve the Lord, he is spending his summer as a Christian Youth in Action club leader and youth counselor. In the fall he heads to Bible College where he plans to hone in on his calling in youth ministries. 


You can look forward to more of Nathan's Bible character reflections and teachings right here on Faith and Home the first Wednesday of each month.

Scripture references from ESV Bible. Visit Bible Gateway for more resources in Bible Study and spiritual growth.

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