Friday, June 17, 2016

Life Lately

I see some of my bloggy counter-parts have taken a summer break.  Me... well, I'm just getting back into the swing!  During the school year I am often consumed with the day-to-day of not just operating our household but also guiding young minds through home education.  Summer = no weekly lesson plans to nail down or homework to grade.... no projects to make sure are completed or activities to try to mesh into the corners of our lives.  Deadlines become more fluid... or at least more time is available to make them. As for today, I thought it was time to catch up....

Ironically, it has been a month to the day since I last typed up reflections.  Since then we finished our school year mostly strong, we hosted multiple visitors both ministry and family related, our youngest son turned SIXTEEN, we graduated our oldest daughter (that makes for 2 done and 2 to go), we had a massive hail storm which took out multiple windows and exacted various other damages for which we are in the process of gathering estimates on, and spring has slipped into a summer motif.

Oh, and, Brenden landed a job!  Only one application was put out, one week later he interviewed and within a week of that he was working as a bagger at a big grocery store down the street and well within biking distance.  Poor Brooke was devastated to be left behind as ALL older siblings either live far away or work most days now.  As the hub of graduation prep and people hosting settles down, we are going to plan some activities to help make her summer enjoyable as she flies solo most days.... something she has never had to do in her 13 years!!  However, she has her eyes set on a job next summer when she meets state requirements for minimum age.

I'm just now slowing down from the chaos of the last month:  prodding strong finishers in their school year, prepping for graduation and hosting all the great company and what that entailed.  Cleaning, organizing, cleaning!  I even managed to get a jump on the garden during the last month, although, much work still needs to be done before my plants can go in the ground (and they REALLY need to get into the ground!!)

As some of our guests visited and reflected with us on our children's graduations and jobs, they asked me the typical, "What are you going to do now?" question, referring to having only Brooke home all day this summer and only 2 students to teach in the fall.  I tell them what I have told others over the years as they have watched me raise 4 kiddos and asked "What will you do when they all grow up?".  My answer: WHERE DO I START?!

It is funny how many people think that life is over after kids grow up or start to grow more independent.  It is sad, too, when they overlook Solomon's most memorable words when he exhorts the readers of Ecclesiastes to remember everything has a season.

Life isn't kids.
Life isn't marriage.
Life isn't housework.
Life isn't ministry.

These are just seasons.

Life IS an opportunity to glorify God in all and at all times, through all seasons.... each of these seasons isn't the whole of life, rather, they are a period of time marked by opportunities in which we get to seek God and be used by Him.

I believe, if more parents considered this simple fact, empty nesters wouldn't feel so.... empty.  Sure, we will miss the hub-bub of the kids and all this season has blessed us with, both good and bad.  But when we focus on what is gone and forsake what lies ahead... we can and will get lost and miss all the wonderful God still has for us.

For now, this season of raising kids isn't quite over.  The extra time in a quieter house resulting from working kiddos allows me to be here, typing to you... to be more focused in prepping for Bible studies I lead... opens up opportunities to expand the ministries God has given me.  Yet, in truth, when September hits, we will be back to the usual hub-bub of a busy school year, minus one student: one less pile of papers to grade, one less person to remind to study for a test, one less schedule to plan.  This summer is only a taste, a pre-cursor to what lies ahead.  I plan to savor the time with my kids, savor the time alone, and plan each day seeking the Lord for the present and the future and thanking Him for all that He has given me in the past.

Life lately, is changing.  But that is Ok.  I pray, whatever your life reflects lately, that it reflects God most of all... He is the only constant in our ever-changing seasons and days.



  1. Oh, yes. We are not what we do. Our life is not our profession or role. There's so much more to us than that. :)

    Happy weekend!

    1. Amen. Thank you for stopping by! Have a blessed week :-)