Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Out of the Thick, Into the Clearing

Ashley's graduation is in less then a month.

Yup, my second oldest is ready to fly away... proverbially.  She'll still be home, considering her options, working her job, serving her church, ministering to young girls... but she will be all her own.

So strange.

I know I missed the last two Menu Mondays and I might miss one or two more before all is said and done.  We are wrapping up the last week and a half of school, doing ministry, in the middle of a BIG research project, selling in the local homeschool book sale, and prepping for the grad girl and a slew of company in the first half of June.... oh, and milestone birthdays.  My girl grads, turns 18, all right after her brothers turn 16 and 22.  SIXTEEN... and twenty-two.

Oh boy.

And Brooke is taking a few high school classes next year as an 8th grader and I am down to homeschooling just 2.  Two.


Time... can't you slow down at all the right spots?  Let me savor?

For tonight, I'm listening to this song...

... which Ashley plans to close out her graduation ceremony with, wearing a feather in her hair, a beautiful wing necklace and mom and dad fighting tears on the sidelines.

Tonight I look through pictures, wondering where the years went, oh so hard in the thick but oh so missed now that they are gone.  These pictures, some of which will hang on a pretty paper laid board with volumes of stories behind... volumes of tears and laughter, hardship and joy... I would do it all again in a heartbeat.


I can still feel those soft angelic curls in my hands as I comb them for an outing... can still feel those sweet arms around my neck and exuberant kisses on my cheek.

Mothers of little ones, the days are in-deed hard in the thick.  You wonder when they will go to the bathroom by themselves, quit asking for just one more story mama, stop fighting over toys or be able to nurse their own fevers.... you wonder just how many more nights until they don't wake you up for feedings or nightmares or potty time... you're tiered of the messes which never seem to stay cleaned up even when you do try... you simply want rest. 

But it comes. 

It comes in the thick when suddenly you stand in a clearing watching them sprint to the other side without you.  You're helpless, you thought this moment would be welcomed but instead, it is bitter sweet.

Mothers of little ones, take a deep breath and change more diapers, read more stories, rest longer in tender hugs and have hope in sleepless nights.  God has blessed you with the mighty gift of motherhood but those bittersweet moments are such a small part of our lives on planet Earth.  Treasure them, thank the Good Lord for them... because if you do, when that clearing hits, it will still be heart-rendering but you can look back and know you made the most of every moment in the thick.  That young man or young woman will pause on the other side of the clearing and look back to you... you will smile and wave and know, it was so good... now they are headed to the thick and you will be there to remind them to walk slow, take in the sites and treasure the journey along the way.

Praying you treasure it all.


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