Monday, April 18, 2016

Menu Monday: Week of April 18th

I missed posting last week.  God has given me a young woman to disciple and we spent the afternoon together when I normally would have been typing this post!  Today, however, I am enjoying the lull before another busy week as we push on for the final 6 weeks of school.... the last 6 weeks of Ashley's Primary educational experience and everyone is waiting with baited breath to hear if she will enroll for college classes in the fall to hone the ministry aspect of her giftedness!

In the mean time, we take senior pictures from the rims overlooking our great little city in south-eastern Montana...

Hard to pick just one!  I sent this to family for their help in choosing!
Brooke was my adorable photography assistant!

... we go on field trips...
3 of my ducklings at Little Bighorn Battlefield
Custer's Last Stand (black faced headstone)
...we study hard, work hard and play hard.  After all, each beat of life is but a fleeting moment leading to the next until none are left!  We need to make the most of what we've got... right?

With that said, God has been giving all of us opportunities to minister in more personal ways then we have in the past.  Normally our teachings are collective, in groups, or at the church.  But now, they are more intimate, personal, one-on-one with friends and acquaintances.  A true model of discipleship.  I am blessed to watch my children step into mentoring rolls as well and see those, who God gives them, grow as a result.

These deliberate acts of discipleship have opened our door to regular dinner guests  and visitors again.  I am cooking for more than our brood on Tuesdays and Thursdays now, happily knowing that Tuesdays are already full. My kids are walking through The Truth Project in the morning, doing school work in the afternoon, then leaving early for the church so Ashley can be mentored in music ministry.  I grab hubby (we are a one-car family) after their drop-off, whiz home and then prepare for my one-on-one Bible study with the a fore mentioned young lady who I get the humbling privilege of teaching what Relationship with Jesus looks like through His Word.

Thursdays aren't quite so chaotic with dinner guest and adult Truth Project since it is sort of the downward swing of the week.  Remembering the discipleship and hospitality God calls us to, helps me look forward to these busier days. I am grateful for how God blesses our food supply so we can keep on doing what He has called us to!

This picture from last weekend when we hosted an informal tea party to get to know one of Brooke's friends and her mom better as Ashley prepares to lead the girls in a Bible study on James.  We had a wonderful time.  Brooke made apple dumplings and we both tried a new recipe for garlic rolls.  The table was topped off with veggies and dip and some fresh clipped lilacs from the yard as garnish.  Brooke also had the idea to grab some blooming branches from our elm tree and use them in the centerpiece.  I love days like these!  Such a treat.

The other special treat about our tea party is that these dishes were just given to me earlier that week by a dear long-time friend and pastor's wife.  We met when her and her hubby came to minister at our little church in Lakeside, MT and have been an active part of our lives for many years since.  She became like a second mom after mine passed away and a grandmotherly type to my children.  Her husband passed away from cancer this past August and the dishes have been unused and longing for a good home.  As she was passing through town from a trip to Wyoming, she swung by for lunch, visits, and to bless us with this gift.  It is a service of 12, COMPLETE set of nice china... I have never owned a complete (all the pieces from the same line, this one is called Arctic Spring) set of china.  Our whole family is enjoying it immensely.  Here is a close-up of the design and the Shredded Beef Roast and Gravy over Sloppy Mashed Potatoes I slotted last week:

And here it is cooking.

I used a regular brown gravy I made with Wondera with beef bullion as the base.  After marinading in 1 part oil, 1 part vinegar and 1 part Worcestershire sauce for the afternoon, I fried it in the marinade with onions, salt, pepper, garlic and parsley (can use dried variety). I boiled the potatoes in onion soup mix (I make my own), drained and quick mashed with just a splash of milk so they were still lumpy for a heartier texture.  It was very flavorful!

This week's schedule is as mentioned above with the added challenge of yard work and grocery shopping when payday Friday hits.  After dinner Monday I will escape to the quiet of the guest cottage for Bible study prep, leaving the kiddos on clean-up.  The girls have bought the mix and planned to make cupcakes for their youth group Tuesday, I will need to give them kitchen space!  I'm also beginning more active graduation planning this week including preparing announcements/invites to print.  And, believe it or not, in the middle of it all, I am working on garden plans with an eclectic yard and tight budget!  I am looking forward to putting our fingerprint on this property and hopefully cooking with my harvest!!  Is it any wonder I lean towards quick easy meals with so much going on?

Menu for this week...

- cereal
- eggs
- waffles
- banana bread

hubby: leftover Chicken Fried Rice
me and kids: leftovers, mac n cheese, sandwiches


Beef Steak, Baked Potato, Corn, Garlic Rolls

Slow-cooker Rigatoni and Cheese with Green Salad and leftover Garlic Rolls

Mid-Week Movie Night Burgers and JoJos

Pot Pie and Fresh Bread
Costco Chicken and Cheese Chimichangas with Fresh Salad

Grilled Burgers

What are you doing and cooking this week?


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