Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Jesus and a Willingness to Die

Is it already the first week of March?!  Wow.  One short month ago I introduced Nathan Keeney (bio below) and his monthly series of guest posts on Willingness. It is time again to hear from our dear young friend and the Inspired words he has to share.  As you read, consider how and what we are called to "die to..." in order to live for Christ.  Consider, in this month rounded out by Easter, what Sacrifice really looks like through the cross and through our own lives....

Jesus and a Willingness to Die

This might be strange, but my favorite story in the Bible is when Jesus died (and came back to life).  See, Jesus came to Earth with a plan to save us from our sin.  That, of course, did involve Him dying.  But here's the thing: He went  through all of that willingly. He was beat, whipped, nailed to a cross, and died for you.  Because He loves you.

I may not know you, but if we were to meet and become friends, I would most likely NOT go through what Christ went through for you. I might die to save you [from harm], but not in the same way and not for the same core reason Jesus did.

Something that is important to know about Christ's death is that he did not stay dead.  He came back to life, and is alive today, making a home (in Heaven) for those who believe in Him and ask Him to forgive them for their sin. 

So, be willing to give your life for Christ, just like He did for you.  Are you willing to die?


Nathan Keeney is a homeschool high school senior living in eastern Montana.  With a heart to serve the Lord he has big plans after graduation.  First, he will be renewing his summer term with Christian Youth in Action, this time, instead of serving as a student, he will be filling the role of boy's counselor and club leader. In the fall he heads to Bible College where he plans to hone in on his calling in youth ministries.  He currently serves as a Bible study teacher in his small town church as well as leading a CYIA after school Bible club near his home.


You can look forward to more of Nathan's Bible character reflections and teachings right here on Faith and Home the first Wednesday of each month.

Scripture references from ESV Bible. Visit Bible Gateway for more resources in Bible Study and spiritual growth.

Jesus on the Cross image credit: pixabay

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