Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Joseph and a Willingness to Love

This week I am kicking off a monthly guest post highlighting the teachings of a wonderful young man I have had the privilege of getting to know over the last two years.  We met him through Christian Youth in Action where he was serving as a veteran missionary. We now enjoy hosting him each summer when he travels from out-of-town to help teach Backyard Bible Clubs and VBSes with CYIA here in our city.  Brenden and Brooke even got the opportunity to train and work with him first hand last summer.  We are blessed to consider him like family.

While staying with us last summer, he shared with me his heart and love of writing, especially about God's Word, and this idea of guest posting was born.  He had been wanting to write a study series on the characters of the Bible and personality traits we can learn and grow from. I felt Faith and Home might be a good place to highlight this Inspiration. We were waiting to get resettled after our move and the holidays before launching this new project.  I am so excited to finally be bringing it to you! 

So, without further ado....

Joseph and a Willingness to Love

I love you.  Three words that mean a lot or noting at all.  They can mean 'I will do anything for you' or 'I love you till life gets too hard'.

When I thought about doing something on love, I thought of Joseph.  I know he is not the one everyone thinks about when they think about love, right?  Well, I think he is a very good figure to put with love.  Here is why...

  1. He took Mary to be his wife when most men wouldn't.
  2. When he was thinking about not taking her as his wife, he wanted to do it quietly, as to not humiliate her.
  3. He took Jesus and Mary to safety.
  4. He raised Jesus as his own.

So when you find someone in your life that seems hard to love, think about Joseph.

Are you willing to love?


Nathan Keeney is a homeschool high school senior living in eastern Montana.  With a heart to serve the Lord he has big plans after graduation.  First, he will be renewing his summer term with Christian Youth in Action, this time, instead of serving as a student, he will be filling the role of boy's counselor and club leader. In the fall he heads to Bible College where he plans to hone in on his calling in youth ministries.  He currently serves as a Bible study teacher in his small town church as well as leading a CYIA after school Bible club near his home.


You can look forward to more of Nathan's Bible character reflections and teachings right here on Faith and Home the first Wednesday of each month.

Scripture references from ESV Bible. Visit Bible Gateway for more resources in Bible Study and spiritual growth.

Mary and Joseph image credit: Flickr via Google Search

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