Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Preparing Home and Heart: Week 4

It is our last Preparing Home and Heart message in the  How to be Thankful study.  Is your heart ready for true Thanksgiving?  This week we wrap up our study by considering prayer and sharing so this is the inspiration for the....

Home and Heart challenge this week:
Thanksgiving is in a few short days.  Hard to believe it is almost upon us.  I don't know about you, but even with no company coming there is a lot to be done before Thursday.  Whether dusting or cooking or plotting out the order of events.... it is all coming down the line and even with my little family, I find it helpful to remember that joy Jesus has placed in my heart and stay centered on doing these things for the right reasons.

It isn't about impressing anyone.  It isn't about tradition (even though we do have them).  In the midst of the holiday madness it boils down to one thing: gratitude. 

So my challenge for you and for me this week is to do each task, whether cleaning or cooking or... whatever else... with prayer in my heart.  To be thankful for those Christian brothers and sisters (and blood related family) God has put in my life and prayerful for those who haven't accepted Christ yet.  Each spec of dust, each freshly cooked dish, each moment praying for open doors and opportunities to share my hope in Jesus and prepare lost hearts to receive it.

I pray this challenge will help you to enjoy the prep time more AND the big event just as much.  To see those around you (even the challenging ones) as a great blessing and a great opportunity to share your hope and faith with!


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