Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Preparing Home and Heart: Week 3

It is time again for Tuesday's Preparing Home and Heart message designed to tie-into the  How to be Thankful study.  How is yours going?  Today you should have looked at the second part of chapter 3.  Hopefully you are seeing how powerful being made new in Christ begs us to put off the old ways.  On that note....

Home and Heart challenge this week:
My prayer is that you are finding transformation in this study.  This week's biggest challenge is to put on a new attitude... a new way of thinking.  This is what Paul was calling the Colossians to do and it is a message which speaks loudly to us today.

What area of your home do you typically have a bad attitude about cleaning.  Are you tempted to cut corners, get grouchy, or just simply not find joy in this task?  Tackle it this week!!!  BUT, in typical Preparing Home and Heart style, be renewed in HOW you do it.  Put off your old attitude and way of thinking about this task and put on one which sees it as a blessing:  a blessing to have a home (or this area of the home) to clean.  A blessing to get to make your home warm and inviting to guests (not stinky or dirty or grimy).  You are blessed, you are renewed in Christ, so EVERYTHING you do ought to be done in his name: with the attitude and mindset He would have in a task.

By the way, even if this mess was someone else's "fault", that doesn't matter.  Pray through that as well and be thankful for that person in your life.  Put off your frustration with them and, instead, put on a new attitude toward that person.

You will feel better when you are done with this task, having done it with more joy.  Your family will feel better as well because they will get the pleasure of not having you frustrated or.... simply outside of the peace God promises!

I pray this challenge will help you unlock deeper gratitude for how transforming God's Word is!


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