Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Preparing Home and Heart: Week 2

It is time again for Tuesday's Preparing Home and Heart message.  Did you get to last week's?  I would love to hear your progress.  How is your How to be Thankful study going?  Today you should have dug deeper into chapter 2.  Hopefully you are seeing how powerful a relationship with Christ is when rooted in His Word vs. the world's idea of Him.

The idea of how and where activity and growth happen in our spiritual lives made this week's challenge an interesting one for me.  It sparked memories of our reading of Courage to Run by Wendy G Lawton and Harriet Tubman's ambition to live each day and work out each task with the deepest gratitude and thoughts to God.

Home and Heart challenge this week:
What area of your home is the most high-traffic and most seen spot in the house?  Maybe your house has a few of these areas so you can either pick the hardest one to do or share this task with other family members: Clean it!  Clean it good and deep.  Not the quick run-through you might do on a daily or weekly basis.  No.  A deep-down, company-is-coming kind of clean.  The catch?  As you scrub each corner and polish each part to shine, reflect on the areas of your life which have been scrubbed clean and shiny through study in God's Word.  As you straighten stacks of papers or put pillows just-right, consider how God's Word has helped you to straighten out the untidy areas of your life when you didn't know how to put it in order, and God showed you how.  After each reflection, thank Him

If you are new to the faith: pray for guidance and revelation into areas of your life you feel need cleaning up and straightening out.  Consider the bonus passages from this week's lesson and consult a concordance here or here and look into the deeper meaning of the scriptures and how it can speak to and help you.

I pray this challenge will help you unlock deeper gratitude for how transforming God's Word is!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this encouragement on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Amanda! :)

    1. thank you for always providing such a wonderful platform!