Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Preparing Home and Heart: Week 1

Well, we are moving along in our study of How to be Thankful through the book of Colossians.  Today you should have dove into the second half of the passage in chapter 1.  Hopefully you saw how Christ is preeminent and because of all that he has been, all that he IS, and all that he will always be... there really isn't much we can add!  Ours is simply to bear fruit from the abundance he feeds us in Spirit and faith and grace.

I know that message sparks gratitude in me because I am a doer.  I like everything in it's place and a place for everything.  I am simply beside myself without a good to-do list and if I don't feel like enough got ta-done... then I feel down-right inadequate.  I will confess it is an area I am growing in because I have so often self-imposed a need to earn my worth.  Yet, despite my domestic short-comings, it gives me peace and hope that I have no salvation short-comings.  My profession of faith and goal to live each moment for Christ alone makes my need to find worth in anything I do, well, kind of a worthless endeavor!  Christ already did all I need.

Home and Heart challenge this week:
Is there an area in your home you find it difficult to face because you feel like you can never get it just-right?  Do you get discouraged by what you feel are shortcomings in accomplishing this task or area? Well, FACE IT this week!!  I want you to hit it head-on, even if you have to do a little each day. Don't do it because you HAVE TO (I know many people have company coming at the end of the month for turkey and stuffing), instead, do it because you GET TO.  Don't worry if you get it just-right.  Do the best you are capable of in the time you have and give yourself heaps and mounds of grace for however it ends up getting done.

Hold your chin high because you are saved by grace... not by how clean or perfect any area of your house might be!  Have joy and gratitude nesting in your heart for the hope and peace you have in Christ as you work: Thank Him as you dust and tidy and organize for how He dusted away your sin, tidied up your messy inner self and organized your hope to rest on eternity rather than all the ups and downs of right now.  Find peace in your chore because you have peace in Jesus... what is really left to worry about beside this?

I pray you find this challenge a deliverance and a blessing this week!


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