Monday, November 9, 2015

Menu Monday: Week of November 9th

November, second week... wow! The How to be Thankful Bible study is in full swing and Week 2 went live yesterday.  I can't believe the craziness of basketball season and November's chaotic first week are actually, finally, over already! The flash-back on last week's crazy wrap-up...

Brooke wraps up basketball with award ceremony and dessert banquet

We all wrap up weeks of prep for craft bazaar and, to everyone's awe, Ashley made quite a chunk of pocket change on Rainbow Loom animals!

The girls wrapped up all their waiting and planning for the fall ball on Saturday.  Our thrift store finds made for elegant beauty.

Wrapped up hair!  I was nervous about their requests but they ended up GREAT!
I think my favorite wrap-up was wrapping up the crazy week by watching Ashley sing at church, she shared one of the new songs she wrote and the congregation was very appreciative.

With all the craziness over.... for now... we get a few weeks break before Choir Concert crazy week and the Christmas season hub-bub.  We aren't expecting any Thanksgiving company so plans will be easy-going.  Sunday's will be our only busy days between now and then: church, choir practice, and a Bible Study group Ashley and Brenden are participating in on Sunday evenings until 8:30.

Holiday prep will go into full swing for the rest of this month as well. Other than school, chores, and blogging, I will add gift making to my daily repertoire.  I have some sewing projects for family in mind!

No more potlucks this month either and I am secretly glad.  The pumpkin bars I made from Modest Mom's blog for the sports banquet were great, however, so were the two other trays people brought!!!  Even the Apple Crisp I sent with hubby for his work potluck was underwhelming.  It had to compete with Cheese Cake and Monkey Bread.  On the bright side, we had plenty for snacking on leftovers at home when he brought the 13x9 baking dish back only 1/3 eaten and the sports banquet batches made more than I knew what to do with!  Just seems like a lot of work to be triplicated or little used though.

On that note, I should confess that a few of my planned dinners last week got changed.  Fettuccine turned into chicken salad...chicken sandwiches turned into Goulash and Thursday's question mark became hot dogs!  A menu is a good guide for staying on task, yet, sometimes we need to recognize how change is better!  These explained changes will also account for the repeat in some dishes on this week's menu... they didn't get made last week so I am making them this week!

This week... nothing really exciting... thankfully!  Plain ole' plans of youth group Tuesday/Wednesday, a youth lock-in at the church Friday (another night of just me and hubby!?!) and then our busy Sunday.  I plan to take my Christmas cards with me for working on Tuesday since the drive is farther/longer and I can save gas by hunkering down at a coffee shop while the kids are at youth group. (A cup of hot tea is cheaper than the gas to come home and go back.... I do wish Ashley would get her license!!!)

Menu for this week...

- eggs
- oatmeal
- cereal
- muffins
- biscuits

hubby: smoked sausage and rice
me and kids: leftovers, mac n cheese, grilled sandwiches


Pepper Steak Stir-Fry
I have green peppers leftover from my garden at the old house.  I cut and froze and am super excited to use!

Pot Pie
I can make the mess early in the day with prep, clean up, and then bake the 'pie' to be ready in time for dinner.  We will only dirty the dishes to eat it and will make for a less stressful evening since we need to leave right after dinner.

Possible planned leftovers

Chicken Fettuccine with fresh Salad and Garlic Bread

Home-made burritos
I simply love this recipe for tortillas.  So easy and delicious.

Burgers and Home Fries


What are you cooking this week?



  1. Sounds like you've been very busy! I'm always thankful for a week of nothing much going on after a week like that. :) Your menu looks yummy. Thanks so much for sharing at Artful Homemaking!

    1. Thanks for the great link-up! I always enjoy visiting your site. And, yes, low-key is always welcome when we have been overly busy!