Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Devotion Coming...

Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than a month away?  I can't.  Within the next week Americans will descend upon Facebook with "I'm thankful for..." posts and gratitude logs will load the blog-sphere.  All of the "with thanksgiving" scriptures will be rolled out and touted as a reason for this seasonal remembering.

I'm not saying these jovial traditions of ours as Americans is a bad thing.  On the contrary.  I think a time of remembering is appropriate and even Biblical.  I also consider the season of Thanksgiving much like the season of Christmas: why do we have to do this only once a year?  I ponder, as I do with the Joy of Christmas, how much of our gratitude is a facade put in place to keep up with the Joneses because what kind of Grinch doesn't have SOMETHING to be thankful for?

I think, too, like Christmas, of those who are struggling with hardships or losses this time of year.  It is hard to be joyful, jolly, thankful or grateful when the whirlwind of life's messy spots are mucking it all up.

Like the Christmas cheer we so often take for granted, not everyone shares in the jovial displays and sometimes even Thanksgiving wishers tend to assume it is natural to be thankful.

But it isn't.

Like joy and forgiveness and grace, we have to CHOOSE to be thankful... and mean it!  But how?  Why?  What is the true purpose of Thankfulness and what part do we really play in it?  What is the big deal about being Thankful at Thanksgiving... or anytime of year for that matter?

Starting November 1st and lasting through Thanksgiving, I will be posting a weekly devotion on this important topic.  I will dive deeper than a basic scripture to memorize and post... I will be challenging more than a simple tally sheet of all that is wonderful (or you wish were wonderful).  I will be looking at those tough questions: HOW can we be Thankful?  WHY is it such a big deal?  What exactly is God's Word saying about this season of thanksgiving, how it applies to me and how do I practice it, not just every November, but all throughout the year?  You may be surprised how simple some of these answers are... and you just may be challenged to try and do things you've never done before.  We will be looking heavenward and  seeing God's idea of Thanksgiving; something which transcends borders, cultures and time and begs to be practiced all year long.

I hope you will join me for this journey.  A full schedule will be posted Sunday and I may even pause each week for a little frivolity to lighten the load... even sharing a few old family recipes for this season!

Please feel free to grab a button below or the banner above and share with friends.  No tricks or strings... I just want to be sure everyone who needs this message this year has the opportunity to hear it!


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