Monday, August 17, 2015

Menu Monday: Weeks of August 17th - 28th

We are suppose to be closing on our house in less than 2 weeks (this week's menu is for 2 weeks).  A lot of tiny little details could still hold up (or even cancel) the sale.  I am nervous, I will admit it.  I am also recognizing this as a TEST in trust, faith and patience.  Me, the planner, at the very beginning of a critical year of schooling, trying to remember the power and importance of letting go.... and letting God.  He is so much better at the details than I!

On that note (and in-case you missed the impact this is having on our menu plans visit this Menu Monday article) I will fully admit I am nervous about packing!  We don't have a TON of stuff but we do have stuff and we use most of it regularly.  IF the deal falls through, I will be UN-packing just as quickly as I packed!  ugh.  Trust, Amanda.

My menu reflects this sort of mindset right now.  Ashley is mostly better and finishing up antibiotics for tonsillitis so her help may be back to alleviate some stress.  It just seems like every time I make plans, things come up to thwart them.  It was exasperating me trying to stick to my menu and provide balance in food choices.... then I realized: it doesn't HAVE TO be that stressful.  So, for now, my entire menu is tentative but I wanted to share anyway... in case it can inspire someone to hold on through the roller coaster rides... hold onto your budget and don't given into the money-sucking monster of fast-food even in trying times of life.  In the midst of chaos, sometimes cooking for your family can be the ONE thing that holds you to normal and care of the ones you love... although, sometimes the added work is taxing, my menu reflects this.

This week pack, pack, pack.  The doctors think I have fibromyalgia so I have to be careful and pace myself in all aspects of physical work.  This is the most important balance I am seeking as I plan my days and my menus.  I hope mornings can be desk time to sort emails, work on our ministry newsletter, and blog!  This will allow the kids to sleep in this last bit of summer.... they have worked hard with Christian Youth In Action this year and deserve a rest! Afternoons will be packing with a break before dinner prep which I will employ the help of my children.  Below is a list of meals I will draw from while planning either the night before or the morning of.  I hate to plan like this, but not knowing when we will have to run to the realtor's office or handle phone call mania during prep/cook time or meet an inspector at the house... requires me to be more flexible.  This list and grab plan will help us better manage our food budget and less-exasperate me when last-minute items come up.

(I will be using my slow-cooker for these as much as possible... prepping and cooking food early allows me to clean up and only worry about serving later on when my energy is gone!)

Breakfast.... the usual: cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, eggs

Lunch... leftovers or sandwiches (ham, tuna, PB&J, cheese)


Chicken galore (I just bought 2 big bags of frozen boneless chicken breast at Costco)
  • Chicken Salad and Fresh Bread (Bread Machine stays out till moving day!!)
  • BBQ Chicken in slow cooker, baked potato and corn (make extra for good left-over shredded chicken sandwiches)
  • Stir Fry
  • Mexi Chicken and salad
  • Chicken Sandwiches and salad or chips
  • Hobo Chicken Stew and fresh bread
     Hobo Chicken Stew is soooooo easy.  I use 2-3 cans Cream of Chicken soup, 1 cup chicken broth (I make mine with bullion), dash of garlic and onion powders, dash of salt, pepper, sage (if you have it) and celery salt or flakes (if you have it).  Drop in 5 FROZEN chicken breast and a bag of frozen mixed veggies.  Cook on low for 8 hours and viola!!!

Frozen Beef and Sirloin Patties (I bought these at Costco as well)
  • Burgers and Chips (we usually do these on Saturdays and sometimes on Wednesdays)
  • Mock Salisbury "steak", mash potato (both done in two slow cookers) and side of green beans
  • Spaghetti and "meat balls" (cooked and cut patties)
     Mock Salisbury "Steak" is another easy-ish dish.  I will pre-fry Sirloin Patties (I have used regular burger patties too) just until lightly brown on the outside (don't burn or worry about cooking all the way through).  Make some gravy using the recipe on Wondera and beef broth (made with bullion), slide gravy and beef and some chopped onions into a baking dish (or slow cooker) and roast until bubbly (about 30-45 minutes in oven)... I will put in slow cooker just so it is ready whenever we are.)

Quick and Easy (I bought 2 of these meals at Costco which may stretch to 3 or 4 if I plan right)
  • Egg Rolls to serve with veggies and rice (I use a rice cooker so it is quick and easy)
  • Spinach stuffed Ravioli with French Bread (in bread machine)

Beans and Miscellaneous
  • Bean and Beef Casserole with Salad (can use the burger patties crumbled, I happen to have some ground beef and ground turkey on hand this month)
  • Bean and Mexi Rice Casserole with Salad and Tortilla chips (I have leftover Mexi rice in the freezer)
  • PORK Roast as-is with carrots and potatoes OR with BBQ sauce as shredded sandwiches

What are you cooking this week?


The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, 
but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty. 
- Proverbs 21:5

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