Monday, August 10, 2015

Menu Monday: Week of August 10th

For the goofiness of this month's menu plans, see last week's Menu post!

This week It is a miracle I am even writing!!  I think Ashley has tonsillitis.  She seemed to be better yesterday but has relapsed today.  I may be taking her to walk-in care this afternoon.  Brenden and Brooke are working the county fair all week (except today).... they are sitting a Christian Youth in Action booth painting faces and sharing the gospel.  Working 2-8:30 we have decided to do dinner for lunch on fair days so they go with a full stomach and we can all just snack in the evening (I pack them sandwiches to take with).  To top it off, we have a meeting with the inspector tonight.  Anxious to see if the house passes the mark... passing will mean a step-up in packing.  With Ashley down sick and Brenden and Brooke gone most of the day... dinners will be interesting and the work will be taxing!  Boy am I looking forward to getting moved and re-settled!!

This weekend I tried a recipe I saw on Pinterest for Jalapeno Popper Cheese Bread and WOW, it was AMAZING.  Even the kids liked it!  It had a bit of a bite but not too much.  More along the lines of a mild salsa.  The recipe is a bit hard to understand when it comes to rolling out and setting up the loaves for baking but I quickly found out this stage was rather forgiving.  My alternate recipe recommendations:
  • it says two 8x4 loaf pans, I would recommend at least THREE.  It was too much dough for just two.  
  • increase the cream cheese to at least 2 packages and, if you do three loaves, increase the cheddar to at least 2 1/4 cups.  
It took some time and work but it is well worth it.  I baked it on Saturday when I had the extra time and, naturally, I used my bread machine on dough cycle to do all the hardest work... just put all the bread ingredients in wet first, flour and yeast last, and let 'er go for 90 minutes!!  When the bread machine was done I pulled out the dough, rolled it out according to instructions and filled it up with all the goodies.  Put it in loaf pans, let it rise and baked.  Viola.  The longest part was processing the jalapenos.  Next time I will take pictures! 

Oh, and when my husband went to eat some of the left-over BBQ boneless pork ribs I had done in the slow cooker last week, his plate looked so pretty I took a picture for you!  So fast, easy, and delicious!

Menu for this week...

BREAKFAST.... is the same this week as it was last week
- hubby and I usually share eggs and toast in the morning before he leaves for work.
- kids will have cereal or oatmeal (it and milk are still on sale this week)
- I will probably make pancakes or waffles at some point this week

Chicken Stir-Fry (using left-over  rice from Sunday... we had poor-man's Jambalaya)
Goulash in slow-cooker with a side of Salad and Fresh Bread from bread machine

Burgers and Home Fries
     - Brenden will run the grill for me.  I am taking Wednesday as a down-day break from packing so can take the time to fry potatoes

BBQ Chicken in the slow cooker, Baked Potato and Salad with a side of Biscuits...
     - I think I will make biscuits to go with breakfast this day and use the extras with lunch/dinner

Grocery shop day.  A lot going on this day so I am not sure what our meals will be Friday/Saturday.  It is pay-day and sometimes we will grab a pizza on pay-day.  Costco hot dogs are a possibility as well!


What are you cooking this week?


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