Friday, March 13, 2015

The Less-Then Perfect, Perfect Week

It has been an open window week all week long, I think it helps....
I want to hop onto the blog-sphere and tell you, in a weekly homeschool wrap-up, that we had a wonderfully perfect week.  One like we (mostly) had a couple weeks ago.  One where we get up on time, get moving in unison, complete our 4Rs (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, Roots [we are doing English from the Roots up again this year]).  One where we have a happy little lunch together, grab some fresh air and hit our afternoon with gusto accomplishing history study, Health posters, and discussions on science.  Evenings where we gather around books or games and laugh and enjoy.  Yes, those are the lovely weeks.

But, weeks like this week are lovely weeks too.  Up-in-arms, but lovely because they remind me of the value of homeschool.  The ability to find out my oldest daughter might have mono, is seriously sick and unable to focus on her school work.... but she isn't really 'missing' school.  She won't be behind the rest of her class when she is well enough to engage again.  I am reminded of the value of homeschool when I can let my children sleep in to accommodate the quietness needed for a sick child and we can spend our afternoons engaged in a book or a movie for said accommodation.  I am reminded how, when one family member is down, the other family members step up to pitch in an extra hand and show their love and dedication to the family unit as a whole.

This week, we only manged the 3Rs (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic) with two students.  We hinted at the fringes of history diving into our Leonardo book and making open faced geometric figures like Leonardo did with Pacioli.  We learned about Darwin's Dilemma, something my oldest could retain as it merely reinforced her biology study.  She even perked up enough to add information the movie left out.

I bet you thought I was kidding about our old kitchen table and card table chairs!

My youngest daughter took bold steps in cooking and made goulash for dinner one night, I added the salad and fresh baked bread.  She did GREAT, it was delicious.

In her sedentary state, my oldest daughter rekindled the only thing she had mind or energy for: drawing.  It seems to give her small pleasures to see our delight in her sketches she manages between resting.

This week my two youngest students enjoyed their independence as they road bikes in the afternoon, exploring trails though missing the company of their big sister.  This week we rummaged through bins of hand-me-down clothes, dreamed of summer, and prepared for a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Costume Party and Women's Shelter Fund Raiser with said hand-me downs and the prospects of some sewing.  This week, we read Mary Jones and her Bible and speculated if she might be a long-lost ancestor.... there are alot of Joneses out there though!

This week I was reminded of temporal value verses eternal value and what a family can learn when one of its members is down.  How our united strength and love can cheer even the most ill or weary soul and I was gratefully blessed.

Please pray for her wellness and discernment for the doctor.

My daughter will recover.  We are off to the doctor again today for more tests and likely setting in motion another week like this week.  But that is OK, God has not left us nor forsaken us.  HE is our strength, our Rock, our Fortress and in His sheltering care, every week is perfect in its own way!

I pray you find perfection in His Presence for the perseverance needed in the less then perfect weeks of life!


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  1. I'm stopping by from Weekly Wrap up. It's so nice that homeschool can be adjusted to the families needs.

    1. Thank you for stopping by :-) Yes, little adjustments are just one of the many perks and blessings of homeschool!