Thursday, March 5, 2015

Balance Check-in: Open Windows Edition

I actually had my windows open in early February!!  Not today though.

It is that time of month again when I report back to the blog world (a sort of accountability protocol) on my 'One Word' progress:  The state of the union is good!

In January I recognized a Balance needed in LIFE as a whole.  Balancing my time to do and be all that God has called me to.  It is a work in progress with many great revelations along the way.... especially the one where I embraced the need to STOP procrastination!! It was like fresh water to parched lips and I keep remembering that wonderful feeling every time I want to procrastinate again!!

In February I had a rude awakening to the need to Balance my diet.  I keep remembering my pain and sickness as I wrote the raw confessions and every time I want to reach for a snack of the wrong proportion or type.... I stop.  I would rather miss my favorite snack (or have less of it) then endure the grueling pain it will cause... and remembering the research which followed, convicting me; diverticulitis is not something to mess with.  Especially to the extent I have it.  I do NOT want to end up a worst case scenario.  I DO want to be healthy and ready to GO when God says GO!

It has been an ongoing but blessed challenge to carry out appropriate eating habits.  I'm even slowly filtering in exercise.  The kids and I have started to set our day off with morning stretches.  The weather has been cold, freezing, cold.... so more rigorous activity has not been as regularly implemented yet.  We are trying to find other ways to fit it in though.  I even started a health unit with them, to pull them on board and equip them with the vital information needed to make good health choices.  Everyone seems to enjoy it! 

Other Balance side notes:

Remembering a Balance of time for myself.... brought on by a weekend full of activity and NO time to rest or do something relaxing right after a weekend of OVER-indulgence in doing nothing!!!  Too much on my slate leaves me un-rested come Monday, weary and lacking stamina for my week.  Too little makes me numb and lethargic and empty. I feel like I could have found something more fulfilling to do. Balance even in leisurely activity!

Emotional Balance allows me to see and accept the peace of Jesus as well.  Something I found when a personal heartache occurred.  A situation out of my control and quite emotional.  I almost couldn't breathe from the pain... until I realized: God offers peace even in the hard times.  I could justifiably continue in a state of heartache or I could just as justifiably embrace hope and peace in the midst of the turmoil.  This beautiful balance of emotion was liberating.  I am still in the midst of this heartache but my constitution is much more peaceful as I embrace the balance of emotion through the storm.

Balance has been such a delightfully, refreshing, beautiful word to walk out so far this year.  Like having the windows open to my soul with a fresh breeze blowing in to chase out the winter! I will continue to be mindful of the balance of time, diet, leisure activity, and emotions.  I even feel compelled to be mindful in the balance of budget as our tax return afforded us some debt relief and we hopefully look forward to all the ways our (even if slight) increase in expendable cash can afford small outreaches and necessities more promptly met.  I pray to check in again next month with more hope-filled testimony of the pursuit of a Balanced lifestyle!

I pray your world is balanced on the peace and guidance of Jesus as you pursue his Glory here on earth in ALL things (even washing the dirty dishes!).



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