Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Proces of Being Bloggy

It's 1a.m., no longer Friday!  How did that happen?  Five minutes ago, or so it seemed, I was nodding approval to a pre-bedtime shower for Miss Brooke.  Now, here I am, the loud tick of a wall clack in the quiet of a sleeping house... I'm usually sleeping with the house!

Not tonight.

It is such a long story which brings me back after months of blogging silence.  One I won't dive into the dirty details here.  The highlights, however, would be....

...a whirl-wind of LIFE and those still lingering wisps of Bloom from 2013...

...compounded by an afrontive sign at a local establishment I can't even remember the exact words of anymore, however, it left me feeling like a fool for investing my time tapping keys to articles which may-or may not- be read by the masses (did I temporarily forget my promise to be an upside down blogger??)...

...the ponder and pray process which led to realizing I am called to blog, regardless of silly shop signs (there is always a critic somewhere!) and I simply needed to lean into the Lord for balance.  A little move, Mom's Night Out, did A LOT to encourage me as well.  If you haven't seen it... you should.

The beginning and middle of this process has been propped up by a Call I have felt for more than a year now to change the name of my blog.  This spring, God gave me the drive and the words, "Faith and Home".  I began considering a Wordpress migrate, my husband even excitedly purchased a domain name for me and began the tedious process of a Joomla set-up.  From this point on the story gets long (and occasionally techy) but needless to say, nothing has migrated.  Not sure if or when it will.... I'm not one for self-induced ulcers!!!

In the meantime, Facebook has welcomed the new name and the 'skin' of Faithful has had a sort of 'lift'.  I determined to keep with the sunflowers because their meaning has become ever-more profound to me.  An article I hope to expand on soon.

The balance.... and the bloom.... translate to no more rigid blogging schedule.  It took too much from my family.  However, now that the bulk of my tweeking and revamping is complete, I do hope to write more than once a month!!!  Maybe even once a week.

Thanks to those who have stuck by, prayed for, and encouraged me. I look forward to sharing more!


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