Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rocking Chair Trips

Mother's Day has took on new meaning when my mom passed away 12 years ago.  My step-mom and I aren't close (she didn't raise me) and my mother-in-law is a blessing, however, she didn't raise me either.  I feel sort of orphaned....

I have shared with many how the loss of a mother is one of the deepest losses because she is (as I call it) the keeper of memories.  Dads are amazing, and not to be short-changed, but when dads slept in, or left for work, or watched football.... moms woke early, toiled over our spills and messes, and noticed every detail of our little lives.  Moms are right.there from the moment we enter the world and they remember all.

When a mom is gone, a treasure trove of wisdom and all things 'past' is lost with her.  Her love and memory is irreplaceable.  No one else can share the trinkets of 'what was' as a mother can.

So, as Mother's Day approaches I gladly honor my mother-in-law and I also enjoy the time to tuck away certain treasures into my own chest of memories I hope to share again when my children are grown.

This poem is one of my most treasured memories.  I wrote it when my children were much smaller... when 2 (and on a good day 3) could climb up on my lap as I rocked babies and toddlers through many moments...

Rocking Chair Trips
By Amanda Jones

I rocked 10 miles
In my rocking chair today
Through laughter and smiles
And kissing tears away

I must have read the same book
A million times
To a curly head toddler
Who seems to never tier

I sang sweet songs
Into bright little eyes
While pudgy little hands
Held my fingers so tight

I worried then sighed
And happily reminisced
Of adventures going by
On my rocking chair trips

Yesterdays, todays, tomorrows
Will rock by
My baby, my toddler and
My growing little guy

We all ride together
Sharing our dreams and our love
Sitting and rocking and thinking of my little family
I thank the Lord up above

My rocking chair trips
Are nowhere near end
We still come and go each day
As naps and stories require the gentle swaying again

But when my children have all grown
And my grand-kids come about
I will take them upon my knee
In my rocking chair we will head out

10 miles and then back
Sharing stories and our love
And I will smile and again
Be thankful for what God has given me from above.

I pray your treasure chest is brimming full of beautiful moments as you revel in this Mother's Day weekend!


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