Thursday, May 22, 2014

Adventures Treasured and the Moments We Remember

When my children were small there was always an 'adventure'.  Growing up, I called it 'pretend' but what I encouraged in my children was more than just fleeting ideas of play... it was experience and exploration fueled by vivid imagination.

Often times they took stuffed animal friends with them.  If I could turn their adventures and imagination into a story book... oh what a colorful collage it would be!  And in all the rough-ness and 'traveling' to-and-fro, sometimes their friends became 'injured'.  We had what we called the stuffed animal hospital.  When one had a rip or a tear, they came in while his/her friends waited outside with baited breath for a report from Doctor Mom who would bring them news of surgery results.

One particularly adventurous day there were three desperate patients... a penguin, a dog, and a frog.  I still can't remember if they were scaling Mt. Everest or bungee jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge or swinging from vines in a rain forest, but all three entered my 'office' with serious fractures.... and by the time each successful surgery was completed, a poem was born.  One which I stumbled across today, like a piece of time waiting to be remembered.  I share it with you here (perhaps not my best work, but most certainly a fun piece) hoping you might remember these fleeting moments when all needs seem to pool into one hopeless point... one day those points of 'too much at once' will be what you look back on and treasure the most.

A Penguin, a dog and a frog
By Amanda Jones

A Penguin, a dog, and a frog
Oh how can it be?
That these unlikely three
Could end up in such a bog

A Penguin, a dog, and a frog
Were playing just fine today
When, “rip” there was a tear
And another one over there
And now they need help right away

A Penguin, dog, and a frog
With a little bit of string
I need a needle too
With one stitch here
And another stitch there
Look!  They are as good as new.

A Penguin, a dog, and a frog
Are headed back out to play
They are all stitched
I bet you didn’t guess
That they would be fine today.

A Penguin, a dog, and a frog
Our story is now all told
Mom fixed them all up
Where is the button for my coat?



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