Friday, April 4, 2014

On the Path to Center*

She sat there on the couch across from me.  My stirring returned and escalating still.  Her composure was more like 'not paying attention', her eyes fixed on her own interests as I, the elder, complained.  

"Too much complaining annoys me." she said matter-of-factually with an uncaring tone.

I tensed, ready to pounce on such 'rudeness' but my Spirit held me in-check as the question was spurred in my heart, "Is that what I sound like... simply complaining?"  After all, what was I doing to fix the problem? ..... what was the problem?

I'm inundated lately with articles and messages which I am certain are earmarking cause and potential solution.  

Quiet time.

One reminder triggered the rest... our attitude is often a reflection of our relationship developed from the time spent devoted to the the Word and God.  One without the other and it all falls down.

How did this happen?  Me... the one who was attending School of Biblical studies... missionary mama and wife... women's ministry advisor... Bible study writer.... dreaming to one day be women's retreat leader.... HOW did I get so far from center?

Ok, so I am not off-the-chart-far but I am not at-the-center being filled-with-His-peace-and-presence close either.  At the center is where we are all called to be... at all times.  When we look and find ourselves missing center, we must turn and seek the way back.

Perhaps this is my time to recognize the points where the road turned.  Perhaps my past experiences and my future hopes are hinged on this time of present trials.  Of learning, in all facets of my life, how not to complain, loose attitude and find meaning and growing as I work my way back to center.

I'm just now finding my way back on toward center, but I had to share at this point on the path... to place my life out there as an example so others might be encouraged... where ever you find yourself today from the point of center - to far beyond.... Seek Relationship, Quiet time and Devotion and I guarantee; you will begin to feel the presence of God guiding you back.

Blessings sweet friends,

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