Thursday, March 6, 2014

Time to Bloom*

Time.  It should have been my one Word this year.  But it isn't.  Bloom is my One Word... and it is this ONE word which has affected the TIME of my days.

Time, sifting, leaving and taking, to really submit to the One Word God gave me.  Bloom.  Bloom in seven areas of my life... all of them relational.  Relational to my husband, my children, my friends.  Relational to My God and my Time spent with Him.  Relational to myself and accountable in all aspects in my life.

Time to Bloom, I guess you could say.  That is simply what it is.

When we are planting and growing our lovely gardens, there is a Time to seed, a time to water and a time to grow.  I had done all that.  But this year has been the Time to prune.  Time to fertilize.  Time to water some more.  Time to soak up the sun Son.

Time which I fought at first.  Like most in my generation, I am an instant-gratification kind of gal.  Can't we BLOOM NOW?!


It takes time.  Not only time to pass, but time to invest.  And in that time I am learning (though not yet perfect at) the method of slow-down, listen, experience, LIVE.

It is uncomfortable at times.  Liberating at others.  But the experiential growth is priceless and as October draws quickly over the hump of center and not much more than two months lay ahead before the year draws quietly to a close... I look forward to the backwards assessment on 12 months blooming and all that has blossomed out of the TIME.

Time away from blog.
Time at blog.
Time with family.
Time to know and understand new friends.
Time to submit more willingly to my husband.
Time to know God deeper.


Whatever time you take... whatever Time God calls you to take... to sit at his feet and soak up His Words and love and guidance in ALL things which life has encompassed you with... I pray you grow and BLOOM as well.

It is often in the small quiet spaces of TIME
that we hear God speak most clearly.


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