Monday, June 3, 2013

Vistas to Behold

We had just left Las Vegas, Nevada... the drive around, not the visit, and I was knitting peacefully on the 'couch' as the RV puttered along making the eastward trek where we expected to dip across the corner of Arizona one more time and then up into Utah where we would begin searching for a place to pull in and sleep for the night.

So dip, we did, into the northwest corner of Arizona, our last hello/goodbye to this state which had been 'home' for over 4 months. I let myself get lost in my knitting figuring a day-long drive through the desert and mountains had become redundant - knitting dish rags seemed more interesting!

Then came the scramble and the squeals... the unexpected treat that was ours....

At first everywhere I looked was rock face.  My husband called for me to grab the camera.... are you getting pictures of this??  After missing any chance of seeing the Grand Canyon from the typical vantage point we had stumbled into the 'back end' of it when we dipped into the corner of Arizona.  We have been told by natives that it is not "technically" the Grand Canyon but that it is a jewel which does sit within the park's technical boundaries.

It took some time in my scramble before I could capture pictures worth sharing.  We wound down...down...down, meeting with canyon bottom and practically sea level before we began the ascent out.

One bend beheld caves in cliffs and another... mountain and cliff vistas in the not-so-far distance.

It was breath-taking and after our unexpected steep-climb out of the Hoover Dam area, it was a welcome retreat to a slice of south-western heaven.

Today, on Group 412, I blogged about those mountain climbs.  And while the simplicity of these pictures is the sheer beauty and reward of our obedience to take the path less traveled which God ordained... the spiritual side is the perseverance and joy we find in climbing those mountains... whether expected or unexpected... which God allows before us.

Check out my article, Scaling Mountains, and remember:  God is with us on this road we travel.  Turn to Him, trust Him, rely on Him and he will make your paths straight!


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  1. Hi, Amanda. Just gorgeous! That are the only words that come to me. My hubby and I have talked about visiting the Grand Canyon numerous times. We are from the Midwest (Indiana), so the mountains are just breathtaking for us to behold! God is faithful to walk with us through our mountain tops, as well as our valleys lows. Thanks, also for stopping in at my blog and commenting! Have a blessed week!
    Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

    1. I grew up in Illinois so I know exactly what you mean! If you make it to grand canyon see if you can take the long way back by going up through Hoover and Vegas then dipping back into Arizona in the northwest corner before heading back to Indiana! We were so blessed to be so close to God' s amazing handy work!