Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lost and Found

Have you ever felt like you lost something?  It was there... once... but then it is gone.

I don't mean those things you hold or see or smell or test.

No, the something that makes you complete and whole and ready with words of Hope and peace and Love... Words of Him.

It really isn't gone... Grace never leaves.  It is there but it isn't seen. 

Is it under the stack of papers by the front door?

Did it fall behind the bed when waking overcame dreaming?

Was it stuck on a shelf then pushed back again in the scramble to shove other things there... company was coming.

It didn't fall out the window but it might be in the washing machine tub or dryer trap where pocket moments often get found.

I feel that way.  It grows and haunts and lingers and looms. 

Is it the moments missing from early morning pages of His Promises, once open for hours, now open then closed in a blink. 

Is it in the pages still empty where color and ink and pencil once took time to record heart and hope? 

Is it lack of planning... or planning to much that failed?

Is it movement when stillness is wanted and stillness when movement has left aches?

I know not.... but I know it is somewhere.  It may be lost but it is not gone.  It may be missing but it will be found.

May you find what is missing and hold onto what is found.  May you not loose Hope when something is not in its place... may the peace of Found prevail no matter where life rests.

Most deep hearted blessings,

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