Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vlogs, Vines, and Heart2Heart

This week we are on the road and getting settled (hopefully) into south-eastern Montana.  So I thought I would pre-post (backlog) a blog article re-promoting the new resource series starting up.  (Can you tell I am a wee-bit excited about it?!)

I realized I won't have office work or volunteer work to do for the first month or two in Montana... just what will I do with my time???  Well, probably catch up on all that school work the kids are behind on, for one!  Number two (I hope anyway) will be catching up on some resource projects I have started or planned for months now.  The nature of mobile ministry for 8 months has taken its toal on web-work... but that is still a good thing!

One other maybe-not-so-good timing idea... try to vlog 1-2 times a month.  I can't get comfortable with it until I DO it some... right?  So here it is...

As promised in the video, last week's article link:  Grafted In the Vine

And look, I did figure it out!!!  Heart to Heart Ministries

Be blessed!

 Also, maybe, sharing this news in these places, if we get settled in time!! 
**I welcome unlimited downloads and print-offs of these materials... they are meant to GROW the body of Christ.  I only request that you do NOT re-sell this material or change it in anyway without my permission. 

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