Tuesday, April 9, 2013

50 Days of Waiting #2

While staying with them, he ordered them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait there for the promise of the Father. 
- Acts 1:4

This season of waiting is an interesting one.  Most years I enter into this time looking for direction on an issue or topic... seeking fulfillment or direction to a call.  But this year, I just wait.

I wait to check all the corners of places we have rested for 4 months to be sure nothing is left.

I wait to clean windows and buckle down 'hatches' for mobility and safety.

I wait to see how far our gas will get us, what new sights will we see along the way.

I wait to know where we will re-park and how long till HOME is finally established.

I simply.just.wait.

All in all, I don't mind the waiting.  I am not anxious (though the HOME thing gives me a stir of excitement!) But the difference this season is that we are waiting for the fulfillment and establishment of God's call in another place. 

And the 'enemy' is not pleased.

I ask myself and those close to me lately:  "WHAT ON EARTH IS IN BILLINGS MONTANA."  I don't mean... what is there to do there or what are the hot-spots.  NO.  I am wondering just what God has going on that He is drawing us into and the enemy is fighting tooth and nail to keep us out of.

It isn't "closed doors".  We recognize those.  Right now the doors are quiet, neither open or shut which tells us clearly God is NOT saying "no"... simply, wait.  (He already used "closed doors" to tell us it was time to GO!!).

No, we wonder what is so important that the dirty scoundrel has to haggle with my oldest daughter's heart, poke my youngest to be whiny, jostle all of us to misunderstandings and odd disagreements and, finally, last night, to torment me in such a way that I almost felt his ugly presence stirring me into restlessness and bad dreams.

But this waiting thing comes in and I rise this morning; coffee, pen, journal in hand... and I pray and I wait and I see.

I see a Man trudging up a hill, tattered and torn, beaten and bruised, nearly crumbling under the burden of wood and sin and world.  A Man so innocent of His alleged crimes that only the humility of His willing God-heart-big-heart-love of this world could keep him moving forward.

I see another man, scramble forward, hoisting one heavy end of the burden up.  Was it appointment or destiny or both that kept him there.

But at the top of that hill He met with peace and on the other side of the weekend he rose with Life and victory.

And then I see it again but this time, I myself running forward, helping the Man and His burden.  It isn't appointment or destiny but simply desire to humility.  He made it to the top and I will too... I know there is peace at the top of that hill, there is victory on the other side of the weekend and no matter how many flaming arrows the enemy whips my way, I will not stop, I will not bend, I will not fall.  I will simply wait.  Wait as I walk towards the top, wait for the other side of the weekend.  Victory. Will. Come.

Waiting is so hard, dear friend, but walking with Jesus while you wait, sharing the burdens, sharing the victories, these moments... every.single.breathing.moment... is meant to be with Him.  I pray your burdens are not to heavy to carry, that the hilltop comes and the victory is won.


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  1. "Walking with Jesus while we wait." I find myself there so often. I'm a "plan it all out" sort of person, and easily frustrated when I can't see the plan. Sometimes Jesus just wants me to trust and walk. Excellent, Amanda. These words were what I needed tonight.

    1. Pamela, I don't always know when I publish these things if it was me or if I was hearing God correctly in the words and pieces of my heart to share. But when I read comments like yours I am blessed to know that, yes, my obedience has allowed Him to touch someone else. I am sorry for your frustration in unseen plans but excited to know that maybe God's word today could encourage you to trust His lead when you can't see beyond the hem of His robe! May you rest in seeing Him more and the plan less! Blessings,