Monday, March 11, 2013

This Day Not So Bright

I was excited to order Kay Arthur's book, Lord, I Give You This Day because I knew her for her method of teaching inductive Bible study.  I was excited to see how she would transfer her inductive approach into a daily devotion.  I couldn't wait for my package to arrive... to unwrap this treasure... and soak up her insight and encouragement for each day.

I am sorry to report: I was disappointed.  Kay Arthur does put forth words well researched, but the simple lay-out of this little book was not very appealing to look at nor were her daily entries always very easy to follow.  Not in a complicated-to-heavy-of-a-read way, rather, in that her directives are not clearly outlined for each day.

This Day does not follow the traditional lay-out for a daily devotion, which typically shares an opening scripture and scripture reference for reading along with a thought to provoke the theme.  Sometimes, in this book, you are nearly done reading the day's installment before you catch-on to the theme/meaning and the scriptures are sporadic and not always very compelling.

However, for the new believer, this simple book with satin built-in book mark, can be a decent catapult into daily appointments with God.  That is why, out of 5 stars, I would likely give this compact devotion a 3.

Giving the Lord Every Day,

* This book review is my opinion alone.  Blogging For Books provided this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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