Monday, March 11, 2013

NOT Just a Next Door Savior

I ordered Max Lucado's book, Next Door Savior, because I had hoped to gain some insight from him on living out our faith in today's culture.  However, I was highly disappointed.

Max's book is, basically, a watered-down version of the Gospels.  He takes the extraordinary life and Lordship of Jesus Christ and humanizes him to such a degree that it is hard to respect and revere Him for the magnificent and deserving of our praise savior that he is.

If that wasn't bad enough... and hard enough to muddle through... he throws in a graphic story of abuse and incest which happened to a church woman he knew.  The relevance of her story and the need for such detail was extremely unnecessary and, sadly, caused me to loose a lot of respect for Mr. Lucado.

I enjoy reading books which arm me for sharing the gospels.  I enjoy reading books which expand understanding of the gospels.  This was neither.  I found it to be an affront to True faith and belief that, yes, Jesus understands us... but he did not loose dignity or face in order to come and deliver us.  He came and he stood in the face of adversity and overcame - not succumbed.   

Next Door Savior suggested he was just that: some guy next door who just happens to be a savior too.  Jesus is so much more than that.  If he was like the guy next door... why were so many leaving when he explained what it took to follow him devoutly?  Hardly "next door" to my mind!

Grateful my King is seated on a throne,

* This book review is my opinion alone.  Book Sneeze provided this book free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion.

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