Thursday, March 21, 2013

I am becasue HE IS

I ask myself lately.... why does a Faithful HOMESCHOOL blog talk more about everything else and less about homeschoolAm I keeping true to my blogging title... the the theme God has called me to write into?

So I pray and I contemplate and I realized; Homeschooling isn't just about teaching and schooling... the FAITHFUL Homeschool is about FAITH.  It is about growing in relationship with Christ that we might better teach and school and lead our children to a better, more fulfilling, future in HIM in all
But it starts first here - in the heart of a Home Educator and her (or his) Walk with Him.

This is simply ME and my introspective journey and ramblings.  Those check-points where we consider our Call as Women, Wives, Mothers, Educators.  I guess that is why I stay "Faithful Homeschool" and rest under the blanket of hope that ALL who venture here will find a nugget of Truth or Hope or a spark of Inspiration and Guidance.  Not because I choose it but because God leads me through it.

Today I shared this inspiration on Facebook which God brought me to after what has been an arduous journey:

It is in the still-quiet moments 
sitting at the end of what seemed like a very long rope 
that we often meet with peace-contemplation-direction-confirmation
... HIM

It is a seed of thought I pray to step slowly... or at least carefully through processing and pursuing because of yesterday's contemplation I discovered elsewhere:

Inhale Grace
Exhale Gratitude

I must first recognize HIS grace, gift, forgiveness... POWER
and then
be grateful, reverent towards  and humbled by it all.



He did - He DOES - He always will

I am simply called to submit
breathe in 
   and exhale 

It is when I STOP trying to put all things in a box and simply
and follow where God is pulling/calling me to type, speak, live and BE that it happens...

I am living
walking this simple LIFE God has called me to live.

I am because HE IS.

And I share it all
because He calls me to.

Blessings to YOU

Linking up, that maybe someone out there may feel Called to ask, introspectively, what is God calling me to do today.

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