Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Plumb Line

It has been like a plumb line... this bloomy process God has called me to.  In those moments of discouragement or wondering why my world is off-kilt; I look back at that plumb line leading to BLOOM and I see all that God is calling me to Bloom in and I feel a connection... a need... a draw to re-situate for full-SON and proper nourishment to reach that BLOOM.

It is those extra moments with my children, the ones I use to think they would just ignore me if I took... yet they pull close to me, 'sit here, sit by me'... 'read this, read it again'... and 'play a game?'

Moments of looking deep into their eyes as they rattle off a story of play and seeing their joy sparkle, their understanding that I am listening not just humoring.

It is the moments of giving my heart, my time, to my husband.  Of setting aside self to recognize his deep needs... needs in the unexpected.  And praying, striving, praying to meet those needs of honor and respect.

It is reaching beyond myself.  To be relational, devoted to God, giving to others of myself, my time, my attention.  Listening instead of talking.  Hearing instead of saying.  I am seeing hearts, hurts, and needs and I am loving others more deeply as a result.

This bloomy path is not easy.  I want to draw back to my own safe center.  The one in the shadows, outside of the SONlight and nourishment.  The one where bruises and sacrifices don't happen.  The one where, if I were to be honest, it is more about me than it is about anything or anyone else.  How did I ever grow so much without blooming?

Blooming is growing too and I haven't missed that simple fact.  The growth isn't as exponential or obvious, rather, it is the extension of previous growth in a more beautiful form.  How could I have missed blooming sooner?  It is such a wonderful process... even in the pain and sacrifice.  And I am so grateful to the Father for calling me to this critical point in growing.

I pray, no matter where your plumb line is, that you are finding yourself in bloomy thoughts and graceful growing... to be more like Him and pointed towards the Son for full nourishment in every day.


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  1. I loved your bloomy thoughts. It is a painful place to grow at times but looking back, sure worth it all. Thank you for linking up with me at WholeHearted Home this week.

    1. Thank you Judith, your link-up is a blessing, thank you for hosting!