Sunday, February 10, 2013

In the Beginning God

On the other side of Sunday morning I journaled, looking at the trials and heartaches the sunrise had brought...

I felt trapped, imprisoned.  The worship leader talked about "Freedom"... Paul's writing about freedom as he sat, chained to a wall.  FREEDOM in prison... how could I continue thinking I was imprisoned to hear those words and KNOW that truth?

The enemy is the only prison guard who ever keeps us... but our sentence is dismissed in Christ... the only thing to keep us imprisoned is ourselves.

So I let go of the chains and walked out the 'door'.  But I stood still within the 'halls' of my prison. And that was when someone said it:

In the beginning GOD

Nothing else matters but those four words setting the stage for all of creation, all of God's Word.

The walls disappeared and i saw HIM there.

In the beginning GOD.
As it is now GOD
Nothing else matters GOD

He wants us there, simply with Him.

So when an older gentleman hobbled onto stage and picked up a guitar, standing quite solo behind the microphone, bent back, bushy eyebrows, looking as though he just rode in off the range, and shared his heart with a whisker framed smile, "This song meant so much to me when I first gave my life to Christ.  All I have, all I do, I owe to HIM... HE is all that matters in my life..."

And he played....
In the Garden

I had to sing along with this old hymn I remembered so clearly from my youth.  When faith was simple to me, loving God selflessly was natural.

God was there on Sunday.
In those words
God's great heart
That place
And He wove His spirit into the crevices of my heart.

How could I not see Him sooner?  All this time I run and work and try... do-do-do, be-be-be.  It isn't about me or 5-steps ahead.  It isn't about tomorrow or how... it is about now.  HIS strength and wisdom and call and the peaceful simplicity of his presence.

The chains and halls and imprisonment... dissolved around me.
And there I stood, in the garden alone, as it was in the beginning... God.

This older gentleman in his blue jean vest and striped button down... he had it
He lives it.
He LOVES with all his heart and lives it simply and bluntly.

Oh that I could breathe such faith.

Be Blessed in the garden this Sunday,

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  1. In the garden was one of my Grandmother's favorite hymns. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is a beautiful one and what woman in today's crazy climate can't relate?! Thank you for such a wonderful platform to share. Blessings!

  2. This is beautiful Amanda. It is the second time tonight I have read LET Go and Let God. So I am off to bed... having linked a lot.
    Blessings to you and thanks so much for linking to Sunday Stillness.

    1. Janis, God made my heart sing, I couldn't help but share. Thank you and Blessings to you too... thank you for the wonderful linkup.