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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Take Hold


don't set your hopes on the uncertainty of riches


on God who richly provides 

we need not worry about what we have here
because HE has our most important needs met

store up the treasure of a good foundation for the future

so that

we may take hold of the life that really is life.
 (paraphrased from 1 Timothy 6:17-19 NRSV)


  1. Yes, "riches" can come and go. HE can't, HE won't. THAT is what I must rely upon.


  2. Yes...keeping our eyes on Him. Why is it so hard? I desire His ways more than anything, yet I find myself having to push and push to stay in His word!

    1. Because the enemy is good at distracting us! And because you are a busy homeschooling mom. :-) Keep running the race Rebecca, that is what Paul would say, and you WILL persevere!

      Blessings dear sister!